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Author Topic: Ridley Report launches podcast  (Read 2687 times)


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Ridley Report launches podcast
« on: August 04, 2010, 03:19:30 pm »

The Ridley Report's newly launched podcast mimics in format.  But it's different content, is audio-only, is easily downloaded to your i-pod, and none of the paid advertisers are airing there at present.   They have agreements to be on the YouTube channel, and there is where they will be unless they want otherwise.

Though it will probably promote Free Talk Live at least as a recurring news item, the podcast is designed to fill a few niches that are different from FTL's:

1) Almost completely New Hampshire centric (though still of general interest to liberty lovers elsewhere).
2) No loud music.
3 A fair amount of recording at events / on scene
4) Bite-sized files, seven to twenty minutes.   This will be nice for folks who have i-pods that can't fast-forward or rewind within the file.  If you lose your place or get bored with a file, you just skip to the next and don't miss much.  Also it allows you to be more choosy what subjects you listen to.

I've learned after much experience I can only post 1 YouTube vid per day without suffering from the law of diminishing returns.   My hits have actually gone up since I started mostly limiting myself to one a day.  This I did as a result of an advertiser shortage but I noticed the strange spike in hits that came with the cutback.  Anyway I can produce a lot more content than one vid per day and if I can't use YouTube for it, why not a podcast?  I will likely still produce extra videos in emergencies, time-sensitive situations and also situations where some commitment to advertisers may have come into play.

But in any event if I'm only airing one vid a day, that frees up some time.  For now I'm filling that time with podcast creation.
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