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Author Topic: Are these acts of civil disobedience?  (Read 1030 times)


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Are these acts of civil disobedience?
« on: July 22, 2010, 01:05:18 am »

A couple of scenarios for consideration;

Scenario 1:  My friends and I walk down to our local city park at lunch time on Monday, get naked and begin demonstrating all the interesting things we learned from over the weekend.

Scenario 2: My friends and I wander down to our local city park on Saturday morning, set up a card table and begin selling heroin and blow to anyone with $10.

Scenario 3: My friends and I stroll down to our local city park set up a small bullet trap and begin demonstrating our amazing accuracy with rifles and handguns.  All the bullets are stopped by the trap.

Did the people involved in any of these scenarios initialize aggression against any one else? 
Did they damage anyone else’s property?
How will this group of people be viewed by the public? 
What effect will these behaviors have on the public opinion about this group and it’s goals? 

Are these acts of civil disobedience? 

Civil Disobedience is to act contrary to law, statute, ordinance, social norm & c. in order to induce social change.  How is that change to be induced?  By changing popular opinion.  By causing Joe and Jane Q Public to rise up and cry out at the sheer injustice of your careful staged play.  Civil Disobedience is all about playing to the public sympathies.  If you find yourself doing civil disobedience and the public isn’t on your side then you are doing something wrong.  The idea that breaking any unjust law, in any way constitutes civil disobedience is farcical. 

Admittedly these scenarios are over top but I think that serves to illustrate the point.  I personally believe that civil disobedience is a great tool. 
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Re: Are these acts of civil disobedience?
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2010, 01:57:23 am »

I would say that wether or not any action is to be considered civil disobedience would depend on the motive of the people doing it, not on the effectiveness of the actions in swaying opinion.
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