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Author Topic: AltExpo #6 Schedule  (Read 6630 times)


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AltExpo #6 Schedule
« on: June 21, 2010, 07:06:50 am »

we'll have a printed schedule in the registration packet, but the file was too big to attach here, so here's the basics. There will probably be some side events, too, that we'll note on a whiteboard at our site (#2)


10 a.m. — The New Libertarian Strategy For New Hampshire
Jack Shimek presents the customized New Libertarian Strategy to suit New Hampshire. The agorist strategy is laid out in Samuel Edward Konkin III’s New Libertarian Manifesto, where he advocates for action in the counter-economy.

11 a.m. — AltOrgs: Co-Ops, Trusts, Social Networks
Our panel considers and compares various alternative forms of social organization for ownership, business and other interactions.

12 p.m. — History Of Anarchist Thought
Darian Worden takes us through varieties of the ultimate alternative to centuries of statist thought - no state!

1 p.m. — Infinity MPG — Solar EV’s
Art Haines shows us how to travel on free energy! He showed his prototype solar electric car at PorcFest 3 years ago, and now it’s in production - you can buy the kit.

2 p.m. — Primitive Crafts For Survival
Al Caron demonstrates skills we may need to know “after the crash”! Survival skills may keep you alive in the future!

3 p.m. — Time Money — Shire Hours
Daniel Tobas gives all the math needed to understand time-based money systems. The Shire Hours system will be demonstrated - you can sign up at the AltExpo!

4 p.m. — Metastrategic Planning For Freedom
Dave Roscoe talks about Metastrategies for Freedom. Dave’s been a long-time Libertarian Party activist who is now exploring all the options.

5 p.m. — Privacy And Encryption For Mac
New FSP mover and former Apple employee, Peter of, gives an overview of privacy and encryption options on the Mac (and where similar, for Windows and Linux).

7 p.m. — Man makes FIRE!
We invite all to demonstrate their particular method of making fire - can you rub 2 sticks together? Start a fire from a car battery? Show us how you make the sparks fly!


10 a.m. — Juries, FIJA, DHS, ACLU and YOU
FIJA leafletters have been attacked and arrested repeatedly lately. We’ll hear from Antonio SJ Musumeci (bile), Rich Angell and others to see how they proceed from here.

11 a.m. — Hydroponic Growing
Ryan Tolboom does a make-and-take demonstration of growin’ it in the water. Be a farmer indoors at home!

12 p.m.-3 p.m.  — Anarcho-Summit
If you self-identify as holding a consistently anti-state position: agorist, mutualist, voluntaryist, other anarchists, join us. Let’s meet and see what we can do together.

3 p.m. — Scientists Solve The Crime Of The Century!
Mark Basile will present the results of his scientific examination of the World Trade Center dust. What’s left for forensic examination once the perps try to remove all the evidence? In this case, it’s the remaining dust that exposes the method used!

4 p.m. — Be The Change!
Mark O’Connor shows what We Are Change chapters world-wide have done to oppose oppression. A New Hampshire chapter could start up with veteran Changers’ help and guidance.

5 p.m. — What Do You Say?
We’re leaving this session open for your pet projects and your ideas - 5 minutes each! Where do we go from here? The AltExpo will present their proposal for the future of the movement and for future events in New Hampshire.


10 a.m. — seekers gather
A “church for the rest of us”, the seekers meet weekly (for nearly a decade) and consider spirituality in light of both ancient wisdom and modern science.
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