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Author Topic: The Laws of Harm  (Read 1791 times)


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The Laws of Harm
« on: June 28, 2010, 05:56:08 am »

The Laws of Harm
1.) The truthfully informed and willing cannot be victims of harm.
ie (If one ask permission to punch you in the face and you agree, then you are not a victim.)
2.) That which you own cannot cause harm unless you use it to inflict harm.
3.) Inflict no harm unless it is inflicted upon you or clearly intended to be inflicted upon you or those that you are bonded with.
4.) The individual is responsible for their own safety and that of their children.
5.) Defense of self and your bonded is not harm.
6.) If the individual is safe, then so is society.
7.) Any action that is void of harm is the exercise of freedom.
8.) Suppression of Freedom is Harm.

Eight laws of a free society.

Discuss, Improve.
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