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Author Topic: Anti-Freedom Kelly Ayotte Doesn't Think You Can Handle Gaming- Her Letter Gallus  (Read 7960 times)

Denis Goddard

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There's a reason I started the Why Ayotte is BAD thread on the NH Liberty Alliance Forum! If you want to see just what a nanny-state, police-state, authoritarian monster she is... just head on over there.

As for the LPNH, yes, they are running Ken Blevens for US Senate. Not only is he a great candidate, but if he gets just 4% of the vote, the Libertarian Party gets full-party status, just like the Remocrats and Depublicans. Anyway, here's the interview I did with Ken during his last run; I'll be doing another interview as the election draws closer.

As for the LPNH being a good recruitment tool for FSP... maybe. Sorta.
On the plus side, Libertarians would love it.
On the other hand, we already have a bunch of libertarians elected as State Reps. Some of them are making great headway with their legislative agendas -- like beating back Real-ID, eliminating all knife laws, and getting medical marijuana within a hair's breath of passing. Those kind of real victories will always be more compelling than a political party's fortunes.


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I've heard that if we can regain ballot access this year, we may be in the running for getting the national LP convention here.

From whom?
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