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Author Topic: Thom Simmons declares candidacy for Statehouse in Cheshire-04  (Read 2071 times)


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WINCHESTER, NH – Thomas R. Simmons of Watson Road, Winchester, N.H. has announced his candidacy for the Cheshire District 4 State Representative seat. Cheshire District - 04 is comprised of the Towns of Chesterfield, Hinsdale, and Winchester.

Simmons, 50, chairs the Business Department at Greenfield Community College where he teaches Economics. Simmons has also taught Economics and Public Finance at Keene State College.  “I have worked in the field of Economic Development and Education for the last two decades, and believe I can bring that experience and strength to the critical issues we are facing in Concord right now,” said Simmons. “Budget impasses, a regressive taxation system, and partisan bickering have left many Granite Staters frustrated with their legislature.  I aim to bring ‘fresh blood’ to the process.”

“If you believe that Government ought to keep its hands out of your wallet and its nose out of your bedroom, then we have something in common” writes Simmons on his website, where he outlines his positions on everything from Civil Liberties and Education to Taxes and Health Care.  Simmons, a graduate of Hofstra Law School where he concentrated in Environmental Law, also pointed to significant environmental issues in the district, including the long-term integrity of Pisgah State Park and quality of the waters surrounding Vermont Yankee.

Simmons, a strong supporter of Marriage Equality, medical marijuana, and legal gaming, portrays himself as “fiscally responsible and socially progressive…placing me squarely in the great New Hampshire tradition.”  A Democrat, Simmons freely admits to having been a lifelong Republican.  “But,” he says, “like many disaffected Yankee Republicans and Independents, I have found that the Republican Party has become shrill and extreme, and can no longer claim to be either fiscally responsible or the party of individual rights.  It is the Democratic Party that has established a ‘Big Tent,” admitting a diversity that has resulted in a balance of both compassion and frugality.”
Thom Simmons may be reached at
His Campaign website is:
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