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Author Topic: following from santiago de chile  (Read 4736 times)

john doe

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following from santiago de chile
« on: April 07, 2010, 10:48:47 pm »

Sorry if my post is in the wrong place, just wanted to be read by techs.

I'm following you since a few months, i'm committed to go there if i can get a job visa. I listen free talk live every day (itunes do it), follow obscured truth and so. Any way this is the story:

Since few moths too, i starting to participate in a local pro cannabis organization, all the time that take really to get into that closed kind community (in chilean law you a trafficker by default and is up to you to demonstrate that you are just a consumer). Two weeks ago we upgraded the old forum (with 14.000 users) from smf 1 to phpbb3, why? in order to users could be integraded with the new wiki (mediawiki) and new website (drupal).

Last weekend we get together with forum moderators and other big activists, and started the basi wiki class, the very fist step of a long wiki road. Is dificult to gather people efords at this moment, because the two bigest activities of the year are comming (more at the end).

But what i really want to share with my fellows pro freedom techs, is what is inside my drupal.....
I love the FTL site, so drigg module and all the necessaries dependency (just yesterday i got a moderator to that area)
Then, organics groups, our comunity is very anarchic too, so our basic organization are teams (medical use, growing, legal, etc). Organics groups will allow that every team control they own part of the whole site. For these who don't know about organics group it basically allow every group member (with the right set permitions) can post any (allowed) kind of content for just the group members, for all registered users (whole comnunity) or every body (including anonymous user; full public post)
My idea is to have the follings content types:
1. Blog post: no explication necessary
2. Normal page: just a static page (like: about us, our ideas, etc)
3. Event: a full featured event, loaded on a site calendar and of course compatible with external and standard calendars systems (icalendar, google calendars, etc)
4. Voluntary needed: any "job" position that team could need, i have not defined the fields, but will be something like: task description, hablities or experiendes wanted, durations and date. A resume of needed helps will be available trough mailing list, rss, standard web page, and any mean possible (all teams always need more voluntaries)
5. File: bounded with a custom view to allow "file galleries"
6. Embedded media: the same
7. Links: the same too

I'm using like 70 modules, but i think that for the time it will be full functional will be around 100.

Any way i got tired from writing, and not gonna correct the spells errors...i think my english is good enought, specialy for a no-native-high-writer.

We are doing a party for 600 people the next saturday, and sunday 25 a march (last year where 10.000 people).

Check out more at and


john doe

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Re: following from santiago de chile
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2010, 10:47:38 pm »

no replies? where are the webmasters of FSP?
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