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Author Topic: FSP could be great but...  (Read 22385 times)


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Re: FSP could be great but...
« Reply #60 on: August 25, 2005, 06:08:59 pm »

I personally noticed the "politically correct" aspects of the Matrix back in the late '90s when that movie franchise first existed.  All of the oppressive Agent Smiths were white, male, in business suits, fighting the heroes amid skyscrapers, trying to ascribe a business/corporate/capitalist quality to the Matrix.  There were at least token minorities and females among the main characters (Morpheus & Trinity), while the revolting masses were almost entirely minorities.  The "good steak... but it's really the Matrix" that is referred to by Morpheus in the first movie:  maybe he means that privately-decided consumer culture [or the privately-owned meat industry] is part of the Matrix?  It is also no coincidence that Rage Against The Machine plays really loud as soon as the credits come on...

Denis Goddard

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Re:FSP could be great but...
« Reply #61 on: September 14, 2005, 10:40:03 pm »

She has not posted in a while, and I will be surprised if she returns.  That does not mean we won the debate.  That means we lost it.  If we had won, she would now be a signed member

Aaron, thanks for posting that. I'm quoting it above because it deserves special attention.

I often find myself relating the following mantra to folks:

Quote from: Denis Goddard
Be mindful of the fact that this is, ultimately, a political game. And in a Democracy such as we have,
it is of critical importance that other people like what they hear you saying.
Sucks, eh? Yep, it's the worst, except for the other options!


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Re: FSP could be great but...
« Reply #62 on: April 07, 2013, 12:25:24 am »

but if you want the 98% to take you seriously

Don't rightly care what the 98% thinks. If they're ready for the magic we're bringing, then so be it.

you can't advocate sexism, racism and total anarchy.

Good News, Everyone! FSP Doesn't advocate any of this stuff!

For the FSP to work there needs to be a multiracial balance of men, women and children, all who respect each others opinions and ideals and persons.

Sorry, we don't look at it from a Cultural Marxism standpoint, we're all individual humans, not bits and pieces of some greater collective. Sorry. :(
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