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Author Topic: Huge wrench thrown in move plans.  (Read 1531 times)


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Huge wrench thrown in move plans.
« on: January 29, 2010, 11:56:55 pm »

When I awoke this morning I was currently in the middle of my enlistment process for the Coast Guard Reserve but when I opened my mail this afternoon I found myself reading a letter stating that I had been medically disqualified for a concussion from 3 years ago. Best case scenario is that this simply holds me out of the service for 2 more years (for 5 total since my head injury). This is a problem because one of the 'supports' for my move was the money I would receive for my college education via the service. Even though this has been snuffed out at least temporarily, I am still determined and resolute to move to New Hampshire by next winter. I'm willing to make some sacrifices such as going to school part time will working full time, as opposed to full time school and part time work. I have some lengthy and rather exhaustive educational goals as far as degrees as I eventually prepare myself for trying my hand at writing and politics to cause changes for liberty.This is all to preface my questions.

I have read about how involved the FSP community is in helping new comers find jobs and such; I am wondering in particular, if there are many full time factory jobs/hard labor jobs in the area? Moreover, jobs that pay more than serving soft serve ice cream at your local diary queen. I want to do my best to keep my loans low, but my education pacing along at a fair rate. I understand the large tension between the two and will eventually find the right resting place for it.

Second, it would be extremely foolish of me to move up and in all my haste and vigor, to sign any type of contractually binding lease. Within the porcmanor community, is there much availability for very modest housing (or even room rental for that matter) that is on a month to month basis?

I want to make this move as swiftly as possible but am also in contention with that swiftness to not set myself up for failure concerning my sustainability there. 

This movement seems like such a great thing. Not only am I excited to be apart of it due to the parallels between my ideologies and many of those who have moved in the name of the FSP, but also because of the community the FSP seems to foster within itself. I'm not so naive to think there aren't any problems up there but it seems much more appealing than which I'm currently in. Great things are afoot in New Hampshire!     
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