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Author Topic: FSP Job Alert on Facebook, please join for the quickest updates on jobs in NH  (Read 36647 times)


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Re: FSP Job Alert on Facebook, please join for the quickest updates on jobs in NH
« Reply #15 on: September 06, 2013, 07:22:01 pm »

Strange place for a welcome post, but it'll do.
I also just applied for access to the group. I'm looking to move as soon as possible.


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I WILL NOT join that platform just to look for jobs...  I thought being Libertarian meant the belief in the philosophy of self ownership and privacy falls into that categorically IMO.  Using a known privacy violating platform such as Fakebook is bad optics for FSP and I would strongly urge the discontinued use of it immediately for everyone.

Why not just post job openings into this forum exclusively?

Russell Kanning

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Well 1st .... the FSP is not in charge of that group

I agree that this forum has less privacy violating going on, but I guess some other people prefer fb.

I think the owner of that group doesn't visit here very often.
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