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Author Topic: Gateway laws  (Read 1619 times)


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Gateway laws
« on: November 17, 2009, 10:16:15 pm »

Gateway Laws

While we all as freedom lovers understand that force is force, no matter how big or small, I think it is important to view the growth of government in certain context.  It is interesting to observe and analyze the growth and flow of government and laws as a process or pattern that is easily identifiable. 

Many liberty lovers before me have already defined the characteristics of government as being likened to an addiction, collectively and individually.  Because government is a tool of power, and power of course is addictive, government needs to continually manifest that addiction by increasing access to the addicting agent.

Many of you may already be familiar with the phrase “Gateway drug” which refer to increasing body demand for substance fixation.  (I.e. you use a drug  get the fix from it, build a tolerance, need a stronger fix so you resort to more powerful substances.)  The original drug you began using, which got the ball rolling is labeled as the gateway drug- the one that got it all started.  All of a sudden you’re more likely to engage in other harmful activities such as physical violence, self-harm, etc. 

Personally I am a firm believer that this is true, though of course if people want to put this stuff in their body that’s their business.  Anyhow, I present the phrase “Gateway laws” which means that laws that seemed at first to be small and or harmless, only serve as the gateway to new, stronger, and more likely harmful laws.

We can see this as a chain of events (though the example I am giving is not intended to be chronological and in some cases may be omitting potential links in the chain)

Initial law- Police to defend people and their property
            Creation of road safety                special police status of equip.
      Car searches     DUI checkpoints       criminalization of “police only” items

This is all just intended to serve as a generic visual display of how the process works.  But if people want to look at types of laws and specific legislation, it is very easy to make the connection of laws to one another. Many also overlap with one another- for example, car searches could not be realized as  a law if there were not potential “criminalized” things that could be found or observed in a vehicle.  So in other words, gateway laws are prerequisite to one or more laws that one will find further on the chain. 
In other words as is depicted in the above example, for you to be arrested on the road for having pot, it is necessary for it to be legal for  police to search your car, and illegal for you to have pot in your possession.  The arrest could not possibly occur if both of these options are not present. 

Now you may ask what the relevance is of all this jibber-jabber.  It has several functionalities. 

1) It obviously demonstrates how government is an addictive process like many drugs are and other things in life too

2) It demonstrates how one seemingly simple and presumably logical law can be a gateway to not just one but other more significant and intrusive laws

3) It serves as a model on which those who want to work toward repealing laws can use to strategically target legislation that may be easier to dissolve than others, which can achieve equally significant results for liberty, especially for specific personal freedoms.

Let’s use the above example with some assumed controls on the experiment.  Let us assume that in NH police can conduct searches of vehicles they have pulled over.  I don’t know if that is actually true or not, but I am just establishing a scenario.   Let us assume also that possession of pot in NH is illegal. 
 Let us also assume that it is going to take much more effort to dissolve pot legislation than laws that involve searching cars.  In this example then it might be logical for those activists who are attempting to be elected to office, or who are trying to influence legislators, or persuade the voting public, to focus their effort on getting rid of the car search laws.  This will ensure that nobody is arrested for having pot in their car, unless the police specifically know it’s there.  So this action serves as a victory against government generally speaking, a victory against road and automobile laws specifically, and indirectly a victory against drug laws. 

Because the above visuals demonstrate the interconnectedness of laws (and we can realize that in reality dozens, even hundreds of laws are linked in this way)  we can therefore realize how and why one victory impacts another.  In the same way government exponentially grew in scope and size, we can achieve equal reciprocal results in dismantling the same system. 

It is important to remember here, the evolution of the thought processes of the average person that is policed (by a police state)  The same sort of gateway that led to government being where it is now, occurs in people’s minds.  This is similar to what I discussed in the essay on government being likened to an abusive spouse.  A woman who gets hit every day rarely started the first day of abuse believing it was ok or that she deserved it. 

Society must build a tolerance to government and its laws, in the same way people who use substances typically start out on their cocaine by doing a few hits.  So if you would take the participants of the American revolution and hand them government as it is now, they couldn’t tolerate it.  Limited government such as we have in the original constitutional government, is like the very first hit off a drug of choice. 
Nearly 300 years later we’re all coked up on laws and police state that we can barely function. 

These are just many of the examples of how this concept can be used or connected to other concepts.  If anyone is interested I will elaborate further on gateway laws in the future. 

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