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Author Topic: Places to Settle in NH?  (Read 19481 times)


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Re: Places to Settle in NH?
« Reply #45 on: January 02, 2010, 06:15:01 pm »

The eastern part of the state is definitely better for jobs. I live about half an hour from Keene on the western side, and while we have LOTS of rural out here, job options are slim at best.  Been here for 5 years now, and we often feel like we live in a different state socially and economically.
Doing job searches brings lots of results in Nashua, Manchester areas.
Little things like Craigslist - most everything is focused on the southeastern part of the state, and there are no highways that run east-west (horizontally). It easily takes 2 hours to get across the state.
Coming from CT, this is a big change. It's nice not having traffic and highways everywhere, but also inconvenient. Then again, the police state presence is very light out here - few if any cameras, sparse state presence.
Broadband is also not available here in rural towns, cell coverage is hit or miss. A lot of poor farming out this way, but a lot of great local people.

The 93 and 95 corridors are also good for folks with highly specialized occupations.  It's not just that there are lots of businesses there, but you get better access to specialized jobs in Maine and Mass.  If you are having a hard time finding work in New Hampshire, you always have those other two states as backups--even if you do get stuck with their state income taxes.  168-40 hrs/week of freedom is still 128 hours.
If you are interested in putting together an IT-creative firm to help provide jobs for liberty folks in the future, send me a Personal Message.
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