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Author Topic: Alternatives to State and Government-Regulated Education  (Read 2143 times)


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Alternatives to State and Government-Regulated Education
« on: September 13, 2009, 12:57:11 pm »

I am writing to announce the founding of two schools: Audyth Academy for grades 9-12 and Audyth University for higher education.

These schools offer a complete, private education in a variety of disciplines.  We specialize in teaching and developing critical-thinking skills.  Our professors are located throughout the country and are credentialed and experienced experts in many different fields.  We encourage the independence of both our faculty and our students while providing guidance as needed.

Both schools are unaccredited.  Accreditation took off in the 1960s when the government was expanding funding for education; schools herded into accreditation because they wanted as much of that funding as they could get.  Accreditation has increased the cost of education without increasing the quality of education.  As any libertarian can tell you, when the government disburses funds, it also disburses control.  At the Audyth schools, we do not believe that the government is interested in creating or maintaining a well educated, independently thinking population.  We do not believe that government regulation improves education, educators, or curriculum.  We do not accept any form of government funding.

We are currently seeking new students and new professors.  For more information, see the website at or contact me, Dr. Marla Perkins, at or  If you prefer to use snail mail, send your inquiries to Audyth, c/o Dr. Marla Perkins, P. O. Box 38, Meriden, NH 03770.
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