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Author Topic: Why Alaska IS NOT the state for you  (Read 8159 times)


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Re:Why Alaska IS NOT the state for you
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2003, 05:54:16 pm »

Hi Tony,

The only question is if do I have to bring my guns or can I rent locally.

Before 9/11, you could fly with guns. I did it often. The rules were:
a) They must be checked in a lockable case
b) They must be unloaded
c) Ammo must be in a box or magazine
d) You must notify the ticket agent who gives you a tag to fill out and the tag goes into the locked container with the firearm

I believe this is still in place, but check. I have flown many times with firearms. I used a toolbox with a lock to transport. Once, a ticket agent in Alaska looked at me like I had 3 heads, but I had her get a supervisor and we worked it out.

Also, I think (check this out also) to send a firearm via UPS, you must send it to or from a Federal Firearms Licensee, aka a gun shop. You could call a gun shop up in Alaska, explain the situation. Maybe you give them $20 for their trouble. Send your gun to their shop. When you get there, go by and pick it up. Before leaving Alaska, go by and have them send it back to you.

Make sure you are there when UPS picks up your gun! CYA

Hope this helps
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