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Author Topic: Forget Oath Keepers (See last post in thread)  (Read 25093 times)


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Re: NH Oath Keepers [Update: Sheriff Position Worth Campaigning for]
« Reply #45 on: January 31, 2019, 10:33:57 am »


Although Oath Keepers has or had a good list of statements of what they're about, as can be seen in the second post of this thread, I no longer support Oathkeepers, as I believe they're likely trying to turn the U.S. into a Mormon country and thus only pretending to be patriotic supporters of the Constitution. I began to suspect this a couple years ago when I learned that a local member is a Mormon. I knew that Richard Mack's wife was said by him to have been a Mormon, so I assume he is too and I began to suspect that many members are Mormons.

"Stewart Rhodes is the charismatic Executive Director of Oath Keepers and a former Mormon turned Evangelical."
That's from

I suspect that Rhodes became Evangelical only to prevent further distrust of his motives as a Mormon.

The Mormon religion is surely based on lies and its leaders promote the same lies as well as promoting abuse of members via cultish means.

Miles Mathis outed the Mormon Bundy's last year in his paper "Bundy Ranch Standoff Fake" at which I posted on this forum at

A messianic ("Christian") Jew in Israel (he's suspect too) made this video a couple years ago at . He thinks the Mormons, who wanted a large part of the West before Utah became a state (they called it Deseret), still want to take over the West, but I think they want to take over the entire U.S. He thinks the Mormons have been starting militias all over the U.S. and putting Mormons in charge of them and those are the people who came to the aid of Mormon Cliven Bundy in Nevada in 2014 at his ranch. Since Trump pardoned Bundy's son last year for a confrontation with the feds in Oregon after the ranch confrontation, it's apparent that the Mormons are a deep state project.

So let's be wary of Oath Keepers, which is surely a deep state project too, like many others, such as the many fake shootings. See for more details about many of them, which helps prove they're fake. I posted links to many of his papers in another thread here about terrorism and tyranny.
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