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Author Topic: 16 year old son, does not want to move to NH  (Read 15830 times)


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Re: 16 year old son, does not want to move to NH
« Reply #45 on: August 01, 2009, 09:24:17 am »

John, Once there was that gold std which covered silver. I still have a note that covers silver. It says so. "Silver Certificate" right at the top where today it says "Federal reserve Note", and I have a note from in between that says "United States Note".

I doubt the promise for silver is any good and won't bother to waste my time testing that promise, but once anyone could. As a lad real 90% silver dollar were still in use every day of the year. I can recall my grandmother complaining about the weight of some in her purse.

Silver and gold have been around almost as long as man has wanted what ever money is supposed to mean in any culture. Money has been in the form of coins, tokens, chains, as well as common dry goods a person could use as what ever, such as corn, other food grains, tobacco, and sea shells.

The paper for crap currency we have today is worth less than any of that because it isn't back up by squat.. There isn't even a remote promise a dollar is worth a thing. At any instant the Govt can print anything else it wants and declare the dollar illegal tender, not worth the ink it is printed with. They can back that up easy, and a wheel barrow filled to over flowing would be butt fodder.

In history time and again paper money has been replaced exactly that way.

At the Rev War British money became useless if it was paper, and any silver was melted down. The continental dollars were hard to come by and so Spanish Mill Dollars we used and is where pieces of 8 come from. You cut a mill dollar into 8 pieces to make change.

The colonies after the War had all sorts of problems with money and making money because no one could agree on what the coins and paper should look like. Each colony soon to become a state wanted money to look the way each of 13 states wanted it to look, and no one could agree. At that point land became money and the Congress gave land away, that congress didn't exactly have controll over, but that never stopped congress did it?

This stuff we use now might as well be printed by Milton Bradly. Who knows maybe it is, but if it is i want my Get out of Jail Card soon!

We did it again in WW-2 with orange dollars...  You don't see those around anymore...  I think what money now is, is the unborn, unborn, unborn yet to be unborn children! Now that is a constant anyone can bank on. There will be more people until man kills himself off. After man, there will once again be reason in the world, and there will not be any need for the ideas that add up to a need for money.

If anyone will stand back a moment, and look. Man is a primitive creature. One day a long time ago 2 men came down from the trees i think. The 1st man hot the 2nd man with a stick. The 2ND man hit back with a rock, and ever since the stick and the rock have been what was improved upon most.

All the time man scratched in the sand making a line, then daring another man to cross the line. The line became a border, and I need not tell a single soul about borders I hope.

Liberty isn't about power, greed, borders and law.. All of those things are the enemy of Liberty, and since I have none of these issues, and no money I am probably more free than most.

In 30 seconds I can drop anything I have in this 21st century, and drop right back 200 years and more to the cultures of so far back currently, as 5,000 years ago, and live just fine. The only problem with that idea is it is illegal!

But then I have to be caught and tried in a court of law.. The reason this is illegal is because the Federal Govt believes deep down in it's black heart, that it owns every stinking grain of sand, and I do have issues with that idea too.

The challenge for the Feds is to 1, prove they own every stinking grain of sand, and 2, to take it with them upon DEATH do us Part.

I don't believe they have that ability, but they might try.

These ideas I believe are a constant to me, and make man appear very superficial.

John Edward Mercier

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Re: 16 year old son, does not want to move to NH
« Reply #46 on: August 02, 2009, 06:04:47 am »

The Gold Standard covering silver fell to Gresham's Law. Any 'decreed' ratio between the values of commodities will result in this.

As for the fallacies of a Gold Standard, check the 1906 Panic. It resulted when the population carrying those warehouse receipts began wondering whether the issuing US Treasury actually had the gold bullion to cover them.
Even to this day, we use one federal agency to audit another federal agency and tell the population how much gold is in the US Bullion Depository, and how many dollars have been distributed through the US Treasury.

It would be like you claiming to have one million ounces of silver and issuing certificates worth one ounce per. Since I don't know that you have one million ounces of silver, no whether you produced just one certificate for each ounce...
Would the certificates actually have any value?

Cotton-based USD came into current use because of the desire to reduce weight... same way we use checks and electronic transfer to ease financial transactions today. Largely outside 'decree', the free market will move to the lowest 'real' cost for transaction efficiency.
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