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Author Topic: New Hampshire homeschool petition  (Read 3237 times)


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New Hampshire homeschool petition
« on: July 13, 2009, 10:24:19 pm »

Doris Hohensee asked the following to be posted:
Looking for in-state signatures for an online petition to the NH House Education Committee, which is currently reviewing the NH home education law.  This law is inequitable as it holds home educators to a higher standard than any other educator in the state. Rather than simply compare our inequitable home ed law to various inequitable home ed laws from other states, which is the committee's inclination, we're asking that they actually research and consider the constitutional basis for the law.  We want equal treatment under the law for home educators.
Please consider signing our petition if you are a NH resident, or forwarding this email to other hs'ing lists that have NH residents.  A copy of the text of the petition and link to the petition follows.
Thank you,
Doris Hohensee
New Hampshire

Homeschooling Freedom in NH
Sponsored by: NH Homeschool Defense League
We the undersigned residents of New Hampshire do hereby petition our representatives on the House Education Committee to carefully review the history and strong tradition of parental rights during their study of HB 368 on home education.  There is no constitutional basis for many of the requirements made in the current home education law, RSA 193-A.  It is inequitable.
Parents must not be considered 'guilty until proven innocent ' of educational neglect when they educate their children at home.  Other non-public educators do not have statutory requirements to produce evidence on the academic progress of their students; nor are their programs at risk of probation or termination based upon these outcomes.  Home educators must have equal treatment under the law.
It's a parent's right and responsibility to educate his/ her child unless he/she transfers that responsibility to a public school. There is no statutory oversight of non-public school programs; the only oversight is parental oversight.  Parental oversight is the natural order.
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