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Upcoming arraignment in Salem District Court


Greetings everyone,

My name is John Goldthwaite. As some of you may know, I arrived in New Hampshire on May 29 and was under arrest for "criminal trespass" less than 2 hours later. I had been contacted some months previous by a lady who lives in Massachusetts who has a summer home in Salem, NH. The bank was trying to foreclose on her and she was/is fighting what she considers the fraudulent mortgage system. I've studied enough about the whole mortgage scheme to convince me that there is, indeed, fraud going on, but it wasn't my intention to get involved with that issue.

Jeanne, the owner of the property, wanted someone to occupy the house so that before the bank could take possession of it, they would have to go through an eviction process. This, she told me, would delay them long enough for her to prepare her case in federal court. I would be living and working on the property to fix it up (it hadn't been occupied in some time and was in disrepair) until Jeanne either won her case or I was evicted by the bank.

To make a long story short, I arrived at the property, met with Jeanne, her daughter Coleen, and a relative Virginia. They showed me around the property, let me into the house, we had some problems with the electricity, Virginia and Coleen were trying to get a fire started in a wood burning stove, Jeanne had asked me to replace the locks on the doors and I was just finishing that up when the police arrived.

One officer asked me if I was from the bank. I was dumbfounded and didn't answer immediately. He asked a second time, and I was still confused and tried to explain that I had been invited by the owner of the property to work there as a caretaker. I told him that I had just driven up from Arizona over the past week, that my name was John, and I don't remember what other information I provided, but without even asking me for ID, one of the officers grabbed me, picked my wallet out of my back pocket and started rifling through it for ID.

They eventually arrested all four of us. I and Coleen were charged with "criminal trespass." Virginia got "criminal trespass" and "burglary." Jeanne got "criminal trespass," "burglary," and "resisting arrest."

The "resisting arrest" charge was kind of interesting. Jeanne had told the officer who was interrogating her that she had every right to be on the property and that she had the original deed to prove it. The officer asked her where the deed was. She said it was in her truck and turned to walk out of the house to the truck to get it, and that's what they're calling "resisting arrest."

So, anyway. we're going to have our arraignment on July 13 at Salem District Court at 8:30am and it would be really nice if some Freestaters could show up as witnesses and to provide some moral support. The address is 35 Geremonty Dr., Salem, NH, 03079.



Enjoyed meeting you briefly at PF, sorry to hear you had such a rough "welcome" to NH.

I will do my best to be there on the 13th.

Doh ... I forgot all about this   >:(  sorry!!!

I hope things went well for you this morning, were you able to get things dismissed or will there be another date?

Keyser Soce:
Yes, what happened?

Man, I wish I had known, just saw this thread for the first time today.

He has a trial on 8-26, though according to him it could be thrown out beforehand.


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