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Author Topic: Big Govts Are Pathocracies  (Read 20957 times)


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* By the way, although the Wikipedia material did not mention evidence of brain damage among psychopaths, the article I quoted and paraphrased at the beginning of this thread did mention such brain damage, i.e. to the frontal lobes: Since the medical system, like all other major institutions, has come under the influence of psychopaths, as evidenced by the use of expensive treatments that produce brain damage etc, it's natural that such evidence of the significant percentage of psychopaths in the population, many of whom are naturally drawn to positions of power, is increasingly covered up.
* There's a book review, called "Ill-Treated: The continuing history of psychiatric abuses" at
* Here are the first 3 paragraphs.
Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill, by Robert Whitaker, Cambridge, Mass.: Perseus, 334 pages, $27
- ON JANUARY 18, 1959, 17-year-Old Jonika Upton was committed by her parents to the Nazareth Sanatorium in Albuquerque. They were sure she was tetched [Somewhat unbalanced mentally; touched]  in the head; she had dated someone who seemed homosexual and carried around books by Proust. The final straw was Jonika's fleeing to Santa Cruz with her new boyfriend, a 22-year-old artist.
- Her new caretakers ran high-voltage electric currents through Jonika 62 times in three months. Despite her doctor's expectations, this treatment did not heal her mental illness. The doctor lamented, "She has not become nearly as foggy as we might wish." It wasn't all bad news, though: "Of course, there is considerable confusion and general dilapidation of thought."
- Even after two more weeks of the most sophisticated psychiatric treatment around--further electric shocks to a bound, usually terrified patient--the doctor could only note, regretfully, that "under this type of treatment a patient usually shows a great deal more fogging and general confusion than she has." By the end of April, Jonika's doctors couldn't hide their pride: She was pissing on herself and wandering around naked, and she didn't know if her father was still alive. Their mission completed, the doctors knew it was safe to send Jonika home.

* I was somewhat ripe for the insights about pathocracy, because I've studied mental health quite a bit, partly because I've long had interest in health and partly because I was abused by the system myself. I mentioned earlier that I was on Thorazine etc for a few months in 1970, while still in the Air Force. When I became interested in health 8 years later, I suspected that those drugs may have damaged my health. The main symptoms I noticed while on the drugs were sleepiness and difficulty thinking or concentrating. It wasn't until very recently that I found out that Thorazine causes brain damage and that's why I had trouble thinking. Thorazine is called a neuroleptic. I read that the scientist who coined the word neuroleptic meant to emphasize that such drugs were dangerous, because they bind or cling to brain neurons, interfering with normal functioning. But that's just what the psychopaths would prefer.
* I'll explain why I was put on Thorazine. I had informed my chain of command after my first day on the job in the Air Force in Thailand that I felt that I was not compatible with Air Force work and that I was concerned about environmentalism and wanted to pursue a career that would work on solving such problems. The Air Force then gave me a physical and mental evaluation and concluded that I was schizophrenic. Schizophrenia means having hallucinations etc, but I never had hallucinations and said so. But they had a label for those who didn't fit the conventional pattern; they called it Schizophrenia, undifferentiated type. In the MMPI, a written multiple-choice and true-false questionnaire, I answered a couple of questions in a way that I thought might help me get out, but I was nonetheless honest in a deceptive way. One answer I marked was "People are stupid". I meant all people are somewhat stupid, including me, but the doctors apparently assumed I meant most or all people but me are stupid. Another answer I checked was "I am God". I meant that I, like everyone else, is part of God's consciousness, but they probably assumed I meant I am the only true God.
* Before my evaluations and after I had asked to be discharged from the disservice, I was given minor jobs of cleaning up around the commander's office. Another "airman" was also given such jobs, because he had gone AWOL and lived off-base with his girlfriend for a while, then decided to return to base and get a discharge. He told me he went AWOL because he learned that the U.S. was involved in the Vietnam War for ulterior reasons, instead of to assist South Vietnam at their request. I didn't believe him, but I decided to go to the base library and look up the history of Vietnam in the encyclopedia. It seemed to show that he was right, so I concluded that the U.S. government must be liars and that the media and education system must be as well. So it's ironic that I didn't suspect that the medications I was given were causing me brain damage. I simply thought that they were making me sleepy and that I was just too drousy to think clearly.
* I suspect that Szasz had ulterior motives for his views on mental illness. I read his article, The Myth of Mental Illness, back in the late 70s I think. I was initially favorable to his views. But in this decade I learned that most mental problems seem to have biological causes, i.e. brain impairment, though some have both behavioral as well as biological causes. Poor nutrition is one cause. Most brain impairment is curable, with proper lifestyle and nutrition.
* The best info I've found about mental illness having physical causes is from Here's a list of articles there:
* There's an article there called INFANT SEPARATION TRAUMA CAUSING SCHIZOPHRENIA - Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorders from Infancy
* It or a similar article there also talks about major depression having a similar cause. The finding is that the same brainwave pattern found in those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from experiences like combat also show up in schizophrenics and depressives. So infants appear to perceive separation or aloneness as trauma similar to the threat of imminent death. The brain reinforces or remembers the neural pathways that were stimulated during the traumatic experience in order to attempt to survive similar traumas in the future by doing what it did when it survived the first trauma. So, when the infant grows up, and again faces a separation or aloneness experience, the person feels and perceives similar trauma, which is largely illusory, but the brain produces behavior that it assumes will promote survival as it seemed to in infancy with the first traumatic experience.
* Schizophrenia seems to result from trauma in the first year of life, while major depression results from trauma in the second year. I did have major depression a year before my Air Force experience, so it seems that a diagnosis of Schizophrenia wasn't too far off, since it was qualified as undifferentiated. Apparently I had a traumatic experience of separation in my second year, possibly when my brother was born and Mother was pre-occupied with caring for him.
* I also have an article that says anger produces toxic neural pathways in the brain. So failing to "let go" of anger, and probably fear as well, seems to produce brain impairment and this is another stressor that makes unhealthy individuals who in turn help make unhealthy society.
* I think all these types of brain impairment need to be taken into account in order to engineer a healthy Libertarian society.

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    • Jeremy J. Olson

* Well, that's a nice theory of selfishness that most Libertarians and maybe Anarchists are probably familiar with. The theory certainly seems true of immature people, but it doesn't seem so true of those who are fairly mature.

There is indeed probably a strong correlation between mental maturity and whether or not one’s self-interest is expressed as base selfishness or in altruistic-like manners.

That also made me think of this take on moral maturity.

Charlie Burger

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Re: This Explains Everything: U.S. Is Pathocracy, i.e. Rule by Psychopaths
« Reply #17 on: September 12, 2009, 11:32:40 am »

My approach is a bit less technical, People are like car parts, some just come out of the box ****ed up.
Can't help it, Im a smart@$$


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Re: This Explains Everything: U.S. Is Pathocracy, i.e. Rule by Psychopaths
« Reply #18 on: February 21, 2011, 04:07:24 pm »

That is a very interesting theory. But I guess all the wordy scientific words boil down to the fact that evil people are naturally attracted to positions of power: the better to indulge greed.

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Re: This Explains Everything: U.S. Is Pathocracy, i.e. Rule by Psychopaths
« Reply #19 on: August 08, 2011, 06:53:18 pm »

Judicial Misconduct the "One Catch All"
by Walter Burien
Judicial misconduct is the standard. Those in the Judiciary that follow the law are ignored from the inside and those that break the law as the standard bring in the piles of cash under the table and from behind closed doors. Thus they build and are the prevalent power structure.

What I have discovered as the pattern for the most pervasive scum in the judiciary that break the law and continuously violate their oaths of office and the law where if they were held accountable, they would be doing long prison sentences are:

1. Most start off as the Chairman of their local county political party. Republican or Democrat it does not mater but all are attorneys.

2. They then get appointed as a Judge to the family superior court (reenforcing their network of cooperatives).

3. They then petition to be appointed to the state version of "Judicial Misconduct board". (getting into a position to cover theirs and their buddies asses)
4. They then will position themselves for appointment to the state Supreme Court or State Court of Appeals. (The next step up for getting into a position to cover theirs and their buddies asses)

The process may take ten to fifteen years but all along the way they will use their influence to destroy opposition through orchestrated inherently corrupt court rulings designed to financially; emotionally; or by threat of arrest destroy their opposition. If you have children; a good job; or run your own business they become the targets. They do so through misuse of the powers of the court in conjunction with law enforcement and their selected buddies from the state AG's office.

There are only two primary words that apply to this ilk: Greed and opportunity.

Along with the above you will also find attorneys now appointed Judges that were the liaisons between their political party and the State House of Representatives.  

One thing most have in common as they exercise their ability of greed and opportunity combined with their unlawful conduct is: they will establish family trusts or business partnership trusts for real-estate investment. They will use their positions to spot and then setup getting real-estate on tax repossessions or confiscations. They will also exert their influence to destroy the owner of a targeted real-estate acquisition to force a sale of the property at pennies on the dollar.

Millions of dollars are made this way for their land spec trusts.  If you look at the land transaction record for the county recorders office spotting the trust(s) via name searches, you will find them.

Don't forget to check the surrounding counties for the same. Political paybacks are arranged in this fashion also. If a payment (kickback) is due of say $100,000 then a property that may have a value of $120,000 is sold (transferred) to the trust for $20,000 by the company or individual that is making the kickback payment.

In the reverse the Judge (and also the City; County; or State attorney) through the land trust may be sitting on garbage property in the middle of nowhere bought for say $300 per acre subdivided up into four acre parcels (total value $1200) The person required to make the kickback is instructed to buy four parcels at $21,000 each and thus the pay-off is made. (they may complete the transaction through a family member out of state or close business partner who owns another company)

Additionally they will make millions by using their influence to get the City; County; or State to purchase and then develop land for access "adjoining" their property bought for pennies on the dollar. (Never their property being to clear of a conflict of interest) Next they use their influence to build say the new County Fairgrounds, or Golf Course. Then the value of their property held in the trust sky-rockets as they make their plans to build their new condo complex on their land adjoining the new government built project. (With the repossessions that took place from the 2008 real-estate crash I am sure they have been busy little bees there and through 2011)

Along the way through other situations you can be assured they have their hands in many other circumstances that grease the skids of their own pockets. Including: Murder; kidnapping; and large drug dealings. (Scum is as scum does)

They and their cooperatives have made millions using their positions and they have built a network of other individuals from within the City; County; State, and Federal AG's office (including some FBI agents) in place to cover their asses if needed due to the money involved and the ability to grease the skids therefrom. (I NOTE: the rest not involved back-off due to the fact that they know they will run into a brick wall a a hundred miles per hour if they attempt to correct the situation)

Discovering who their cooperatives are is done just by looking at the use of the same over time or first hand knowledge of the same.

Connecting the dots of the financial land transaction is done by research into the same. (I note go back many years in the search through the county recorders office to spot name changes in the transfers) Most start under their own names and then as the very lucrative aspect takes place they may change / transfer to other trusts or corporate identities to blur the trail of their involvement. Spotting the name changes keeps the trail intact.

Again, just simple greed and opportunity at work from those exercising a "political" advantage.

To indict these scum over-riding the cooperatives they have in place to block that event requires a complete and accurate dossier time-line and transaction record.

When established who do you go to for indictment? If the local FBI are in the pockets of these scum political hack Judges then that is a dead end there. Same for the State or Federal AG's office or any Judicial Misconduct Board. The Sheriff? 10 / 90 there.

The "gang" made sure the fix was in with all of the above due to the massive money transfer involved. Those are the groups most of the population goes to, so steps were taken to make sure the population would get no results for indictments of clear violations of the law.

You see the fix is not in with all from the above, just key players that can influence all from above.

So what did they miss? What law enforcement group did they not focus on controlling that the public usually never goes to for an indictment, but has the authority to indict?

ANSWER: The State Highway Police (Patrol) Opps, they missed a group.

An official complaint filed, noting the conflicts of interests with the other groups noted, requires the complaint to be accepted and investigated for indictment. (at first they will try to direct you to the same groups that you are reporting the crimes committed therefrom, but insistence to take the complaint will require them to do so)

The State Police also, if the cooperatives from the others above are noted in the timeline, will have to make sure those individuals are excluded from any participation with the investigation; indictment; prosecution; and conviction of the political hack scum judges AND their cooperative players from the  City; County; State, and Federal AG's office (including some FBI agents) in place as noted in the timeline that did cover their asses from consequences for criminal acts committed when needed.

As noted this is all about greed and opportunity. The one group that is the furthest detached from that realm is the State Police.

Now if they are effectively used for indictments, quick efforts by the ilk facing indictments, or those not yet discovered who may be indicted, will exert their greatest influence to replace administrators of the State Police. If that fact is made very public, that consequence can be slowed greatly, if not stopped completely.

Now go out and get the discovery of the financial transactions and kick some ass to clean house!

(Our own house stolen from us out of greed and opportunity exerted from the Judiciary and their cooperatives)

Many are not in a position to do anything to hold this ilk accountable, but many are, and are willing to do it all for honor and country. So to them this information is provided.

Sent FYI from,
Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854
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Effective Opponents of Pathocracy
« Reply #20 on: January 11, 2014, 11:24:16 pm »

[The following is claimed to be info from a German intelligence agent retired. He said a false flag nuclear attack on America was planned for late 2004 by people in the Bush administration. What interests me about this German Guy's thread is what it says about a group of spies, called The Library, who work to prevent the Pathocrats, or the Hidden Hand, from carrying out most of their false flag schemes for fascism etc.]



1:56 am EST Re: December 27 ... Expect "something big" ... This is it, folks

. . . To 9-11. I personally (and many within the German intelligence services) believe that 9-11 was an internal operation planned and executed by an extreme pro-Israel faction within the American government and intelligence services. The technicalities evident in both planning, timing and precision flying point to the use of technologies not available to so-called terrorist groups.

We believe that the relationship between the so-called al-Qaeda group (really the Muslim Brotherhood which is financed by the British) and the Israeli intelligence services is very complicated, but there is an alliance of convenience. We ran a personality profile on some of the alleged hijackers, analysed handwriting and applied linguistic methodologies, and thus believe that Atta was a Mossad asset.

There is also an enabling aspect on the part of the Pakistani intelligence services, which is a clone of the CIA. Yesterday Musharraf told your media that he had done everything possible to destroy the Taliban enclave in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a lie. Neither the Americans nor the Pakistanis have any intention of breaking the Afghan rebel forces, as they will need them to become more extreme and regain the coüntry at a future date.

I think it would be very interesting to see Osama bin Laden and Mr Wolfowitz in a room together privately, for I am sure they would kiss each other on the cheeks as brothers under the skin with roughly the same general project, though sharply divergent goals.

. . . 2:25 am EST Re: December 27

. . . By NWO I think you are referring to the "new world order" system Bush Senior spoke of during the first Gulf War.

If there is a continuing move to a world order of concentrated power, then this would rely first on the destruction of the American people and the American system of government. This is already happening in the United States and the biggest culprits are to be found in the American government itself.

It seems that a grouping of international corporate entities and financial institutions have decided that America at this late stage is only good for projecting military force, and so it will use up American resources to advance its own agenda until there is not much left of American power and credibility.

At the geopolitical level there are only two main beneficiaries: Israel and the City of London (Israel will then be destroyed by the CoL and international corporate power groups). At the financial-imperial level, the major corporations and institutions involved in the bleeding away of American military power have little to lose, since all of them have sufficient assets outside of US territories and would survive the collapse of the United States as a global power.

So if this is what you mean by a world order, then you are correct. It will not be a global system of control connived by nation states, but rather by corporate and financial entities (who already enjoy enormous power and influence at all levels in all countries).

. . .  I still keep in touch with some of my colleagues and we continue to swap notes (over a beer or several :-), and I still have good contacts to some Americans I used to work with. Furthermore I work as a hobbyist with an old partner who is a technical computer genius and we network with other retired or resigned BND service personnel.

Let me tell you what we fear most - and this comes out of our intercepts. We do not fear so-called Arab "terrorists". We fear Mossad and we fear some of the groups that work on the far side of the CIA.

Mr Rumsfeld once explained his "mad dog" theory of international posturing, saying that an unpredicatble America would be an America respected out of fear. Well he is wrong. Because after a while the unpredictability becomes eminently predictable and all vanishes into thin air.

. . . 5:19 pm EST Re: December 27

. . . we knew about the planned 9-11 attacks three months before they occurred and we warned the American government twice. They chose to ignore us.

Because of our intelligence findings, there is not one government in Europe that believes the official version handed  down to the American people. That includes Tony Blair, Mr Bush´s staunchest ally.

Every prime minister and every president within the EU (and most not in the EU) knows that 9-11 was an internal operation, and though their intelligence services have made that fact known to their American counterparts, none dare address the US government directly. To some extent this is where Mr Rumsfeld´s "mad dog" policy had some success in the beginning. However, Germany´s foreign minister (and my last political boss) Joschka Fischer, saw off US pressure to commit German troops to Iraq by privately telling Rumsfeld that sanctions against Germany would result in his publishing these findings in the media and telling the world about it. It worked, and the Bush administration backed off.

. . . 5:36 pm EST Re: December 27

. . . More recently we have been monitoring intensively the situation in Iran and American preparations for an assault on that nation´s installations.

Without betraying any aspect of Iran´s readiness in this matter, I can only advise the Penatagon against any incursions in that sphere. The immediate consequences for Israel would be dramatic, to say the least, and the US navy would be seriously injured.

However, as I said before, there is an obsession at play in the US administration by senior people who are not primarily concerned with America´s best interests, but with certain corporate interests. Not even the loss of Israel, which is inevitable anyway, worries these people much.

Even Ariel Sharon has purchased for himself property in Greece and many member of the Israeli establishment are making preparations to relocate to South America, most likely Patagonia where huge tracts of land have already been purchased by the Israeli government with funds supplied by the United States. Indeed, we estimate that around 20 percent of the defence budget allocated for Iraq has mysteriously disappeared into this account.

. . . 6:00 pm EST

. . . we learned through intercepts that the Pentagon had employed "psychics" to visualise suspected Iraqi outposts. These lunatics then claimed to have seen huge stockpiles of lethal weaponry, including the whole palette of ABC weapons. On this basis, America invaded a country that did not threaten them.

Now I hear that Mr Wolfowitz is talking to Jewish mystics to try to divine the right decison to make on Iran, this time through the arts of Kabbala. I know very little about this kind of religious practise but I do know that you should not allow such things to influence the foreign policy of the world´s major nation.

. . . I enjoy reading posts made in many so-called "intelligence forums" where people speculate about what may or may not happen. That´s how I found a lively discussion here about two months ago and I thought it would be interesting for me to post some of my information here too.
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Effective Opponents of Pathocracy
« Reply #21 on: January 11, 2014, 11:25:22 pm »

(Cont. from previous post)

. . . 7:08 pm EST

. . . Corporate interests across the board have a vested interest in causing a bigger crisis than 9-11. All of our findings point to a nuclear incident in one of the three cities I mentioned.

Let´s refer to the people behind this as the "Hidden Hand".

Who in the public eye is most closely identified with this Hidden Hand?

Paul Wolfowitz.

From whence does it draw its membership?

Inter-services: CIA, military, mercenary (ex-SAS: British logistics and ex-CIA Latin America operatives); Mossad aka "al-Qaeda" (Muslim Brotherhood backed by the City of London power brokers).

How is it financed?

Laundered money (Cayman Isles up until 1999), Afghan and SA drug money, funds diverted from the military budget.

What is their purpose?

To collapse the US economy, suspend normal government and militarise American society (conscription) - in place of destroying Frankfurt´s finacial district which is home to the Central European Bank.

What do they gain?

In terms of politics, complete power and the sympathy of the world. It would then allow them to default on the national debt caused by huge budget deficits. At a personal level, the corporations of which key US admin would guarantee an income stream since many have already bailed out of US stocks.

Who else gains?

In the short term, the City of London financial super-class and Israel.

Who loses?

Almost everyone else.

Please also note: We have reason to believe that many "terrorist" prisoners in US custody are being subjected to long periods of intense sensory deprivation and methods by which they acquire a new controlled personality. We think they are being programmed for something.

. . . 7:24 pm EST

. . . To the library: Ever heard of Barry Seal? He was helped by "The Library" and many members still remember him with fondness.

In short, it is an informal "club" for ex-intelligence operatives, from all nations, who fear that the "Hidden Hand" organisations are out of control and are leading the world to destruction.

. . . 12/16/2004

8:22 am EST

. . . Israel develops good web bots (check the Mossad relationship to Google and you´ll never use it again) but the best linguists are the French. After 9-11, both the French and German governments offered to help the CIA and FBI with their poor quality of foreign language skills and services. Once again, America turned down that offer.

The British and Israelis are the world´s best actors. MI6 gets a lot of young people who would otherwise make excellent stage or film actors. (I was stationed in England for a number of years, so I know from experience.) MI6 is first-class in establishing paper companies (fake fronts) ... But the BND excels at burning them to the ground :-) Politely, of course.

. . .  [We made a] limited release to the American government of information that identified Paul Wolfowitz and his network, which we had been carefully monitoring for months, as key players in an attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that we knew would take place sometime in September 2001. My technical assistant at the time even provided that exact same date based upon a pattern in his intercepts of the Hidden Hand associates who were in frequent communication with Wolfowitz (these included Richard Perle, Frank Riley, Richard Myers, John Poindexter, Bill Luti and Avner Meir, among many others too numerous to list). We knew who had intimate knowledge of the 9-11 plan, mostly those at the top of the Wolfowitz pyramid, and we knew who had the general attitude of "Tell me, but don´t tell me" lower down in the pyramid.

When we went to our political masters in Berlin we laid it on the table and said, "These are the facts. This is how it is." We did not expect an immediate reaction (other than disbelief) but we took it for granted that we would be authorised to alert the non-compromised sections of the CIA and FBI who we hoped would be in a position to close the Wolfowitz operation down before people were killed. To cut a long story very short, there was a process of political haggling and nervous hysterics as to what we should or should not tell the American government and security services, and to make matters worse we were forbidden to communicate directly with agents we trusted and knew were not part of the Hidden Hand and the Wolfowitz network. Even though I am not a Social Democrat, I have a lot of respect for Shroeder and I do believe he and Fischer wrestled with this more than the others, who are basically cowards, afraid of offending the Israel lobby and powerful corporate interests. But slowly we watched the truth hacked down to manageable and politically "safe" proportions and then communicated to the wrong people - the people who should have been the last to know.

When that information was transmitted to the Bush administration it had been shorn of all the names and details that belonged in the original case file. Even then, it was ignored: twice. I am not among those who believe that the Israelis have as much influence and power in Germany as they do over the corresponding political process in America, but I am sure that there are forces behind our government that are illuminated solely by the six-pointed star and do everything in their power to make sure that no intelligence "made in Germany" impacts their long-term plans. Needless to say, we felt very let down, but reassured ourselves that sufficient warning had been given, such that Rice would bring the whole ball game to a quiet end.

No one was more devastated by the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon than my colleagues at the BND. Everything they had predicted transpired exactly as they thought it would.

. . . It is 21.22 CET.

. . . During his tenure in the Reagan administration, Mr Weinberger quietly deposited over 3 million US dollars in two separate bank accounts in Switzerland: the United Bank of Switzerland and the Intermaritime Bank of Geneva, which was managed by a Mossad agent called Bruce Rappaport.

Mr Rappaport played an important role in helping both Admoni and the British MI6 finance a number of projects spawned by the British-created Muslim Brotherhood. One of those projects had been ongoing for quite some time: al-Qaeda, headed by US-trained CIA pointman Tim Osman, otherwise known as Osama bin Laden.

Mr Rappaport arranged for the vast transfer of already laundered cash (BND figures: 2.5 billion dollars) from the London division of the Bank for Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) to its Swiss managing bank, the Banque de Commerce et Placements in Geneva. These funds were administered by Mossad devotee Alfred Hartmann on behalf of the new "al-Qaeda" entity.

. . . None of these gentlemen will shed a single tear when ordinary Israeli citizens are destroyed in a nuclear holocaust.
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Sam Adams

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Re: This Explains Everything: Big Govts Are Pathocracy, Rule by Psychopaths
« Reply #22 on: January 11, 2014, 11:37:48 pm »

 Luck, there are already working on us. Check out Fukushima and then call your Senator about why this is happening. Look at nuclear emergency tracking center. is good also  , Radiation levels are already here?


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Re: Big Govts Are Pathocracies
« Reply #23 on: November 29, 2016, 10:19:55 am »


Pizzagate seems to be worth resuming this thread for.

I think I'll have something to post here on that soon. First, I think I'll look up the Discovery channel documentary that I heard about recently about the Franklin Coverup that was suppressed by psychopaths, I think. It was a pedophile ring using kids from Boystown in Nebraska, which serviced members of the federal government in DC, apparently including president Bush senior in the 80s and 90s.

Okay, here are some good links. The third & fourth ones have info on the Franklin Coverup. I may look for good Pizzagate articles next.

Sex Abuse Scandals News Articles

The Cold War Justified Corruption: Stunning breakthrough reached in Nebraska satanic pedophile case

Discovery Channel Documentary Conspiracy of Silence Reveals Major Pedophile Ring

Judge sentences 'serial child molester' Hastert (recent Speaker of the House) to 15 months

Busted! Politicians, Police Caught in Huge Norwegian Pedophile Ring

Australian Pedophile Ring: Critical Information on a Secret Pedophile Network

UK Cover-up of VIP Pedophile Ring: Top Politicians Protected Pedophiles

Elijah Wood says Hollywood has a pedophilia problem

Does reality TV have a pedophile problem?
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Re: Big Govts Are Pathocracies
« Reply #24 on: March 06, 2017, 10:55:39 pm »

Upset that Trump Lets Droning & War Crap Continue
See comments at

I keep up with the news somewhat and I understand that the U.S. has attacked Yemen several times lately. And I heard that the droning is still going on all over the Middle East. Here's some of that news.

How is this different from the Neocons and Neolibs? I didn't vote for that crap. Ron Paul said lately that the President should not have the power to make war and I certainly agree. I'm losing faith in Trump. Was more war in his platform? I never heard that.
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