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Author Topic: Seeking car rental for full Porcfest  (Read 1750 times)


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Seeking car rental for full Porcfest
« on: June 13, 2009, 09:42:07 am »

Hi Folks.  I registered this name [edit: I changed it to memefilter yesterday, was "Ellis_Wyatt"] when I first signed up ages ago, but my real name is Chris Roberts, and I use the screen name memefilter over at

Myself and host A_G1RL (of Press For Freedom and fame) will be covering the entire event live, and are looking to rent a private car for the 25th-28th period.  This is so she can fly into Manchester from Dayton, OH instead of driving here.  I don't own a car, and riding my mountain bike from Concord seems inefficient.  Problem is both of us are pretty "off-grid" people, and with modern homeland stupidity laws it seems like we won't be able to rent from a normal car rental place with our existing papers not being in order.

Would any of you liberty folks have a spare car/truck/etc that we could rent for that period?  We're open to whatever negotiations you desire.  Our only requirements would be that it work (and continue working), and I suppose it would be nice if it were reasonably clean, but other than the obvious we're very relaxed.  For mileage it appears we're going to camp out at least one of the nights, and we're doing live coverage all day every day, so that might entail 2-4 trips between my apartment in Concord and Lancaster.  She'll be doing the driving, clean record, all that - of course we're transparent and honest, so just ask and we'll try to make sure we cover all the bases.

If you have anything, or think you may have a lead to someone who does, please contact me in this thread, or via PM, or you can email me or her  You can, of course, come to and get either of us in the chat, as well as tune in to the shows.  We're um... pretty bold along the liberty path over there, you may enjoy hearing some people really push the boundaries of new media on a completely uncensored network.

On a side note, we're going up there to cover everything and put it out live where possible.  I'd like to systematically interview everyone live on camera (as well as for a micromentary), and we'll provide a sign-up schedule for what might be 15 minute interviews (and longer for the bigger projects) so make sure you keep an eye out for us and get your bold voices heard!

More details on the media angle as we get our itinerary set.  Car rental is a major priority to reduce costs, so please contact us if you have any info on that.  Thanks!
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Re: Seeking car rental for full Porcfest
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2009, 01:08:46 pm »

The Porcfest bus tour will be rolling through Concord and Manchester on Thursday the 25th.  It could pick you both up on the way for $10 a piece for gas.  Then it will end up at the campground Thursday evening around 5:00.  You can do some video interviews on the tour, catch some footage at the state house and Manchester liberty spots, and then start off the weekend at Roger's.

It should be no problem to find a ride back from the campground on Sunday.

We can arrange a pick-up for A-Girl at the Manchester airport.  She can stay at my house or another Porc's if she arrives on Wednesday night.  Or perhaps we can give her a ride to your place in Concord. 

This doesn't solve your desire to go back and forth to Concord.  It's 1 hour 40 minutes from your town to Lancaster.  The money you save on car rental can be used to rent a campsite for a couple extra nights.  There is wireless internet access at Roger's.

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Re: Seeking car rental for full Porcfest
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2009, 01:22:13 pm »

Thanks for the info Mark.   ;)

We may take the bus up, and I'll go check it out shortly.  However, I'd like to keep the offer open.  Again, if anyone *is* interested in renting a vehicle, that's likely still our preferred solution.  The cost is not really the issue so much as autonomy is, and the opportunity for us to get coverage of events beyond the straight line to and from.  So see above folks - if you have any leads to the rental of a private vehicle we're still looking!

You can email me or her  Make us an offer!
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