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Author Topic: Coming up early? Already in-state? Wanna PROTEST on June 24th?  (Read 1738 times)

Denis Goddard

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at the State House

    * hosted by Cornerstone and co-hosted by 24 additional groups including the Granite State Patriots.
    * held on Wednesday, June 24th at 12:00 PM at the Statehouse Plaza in Concord.  [ Map ]

This is the day that the State Budget will be voted on.
You can expect numerous new taxes to be approved.  Some of the proposed taxes are:

1.  49% tax on expanded gambling in the form of Video Slots.
2.  Suspension of the Business Enterprise Tax Credit in 2011 penalizing companies based on the dollar amount of their payroll.
3.  Increase in the Rooms & Meals (hotel/restaurant bill) Tax to 8.75% (a 10% increase).
4.  confiscation of $110 million dollars from the Joint Medical Malpractice Insurance Fund.
5.  Increase in the Tobacco Tax to $1.78.  The fourth increase in five years.
6.  Increase in the fee for drivers License's, Car Registrations, Vanity Plates and doubles the Boat Registration fee.
7.  eliminates the EZ Pass discount
8.  Increases the Home Heating Oil Tax by 25%.
This list does not contain any of the additional taxes already approved.

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