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Author Topic: 7) Tech & Sci News  (Read 80106 times)


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #240 on: March 14, 2020, 02:32:59 pm »



Innovative method improves safety in lithium-sulfur batteries

Water splitting advance holds promise for affordable renewable energy

Ultrathin organic solar cell is efficient and durable

A bipedal robot that adapts its walking style

Driver's-ed-inspired system could make automated parallel parking more accessible

Autonomous on-demand buses underway in the streets of Europe

Fueling a cleaner future for transport

Groundbreaking all-solid-state battery technology

Bendy, ultra-thin solar cell

Researchers organically engineer solar cells using enzymes in papaya fruit

New study presents efficient, solution-processed, hybrid tandem solar cells

On-demand services bring public transport to the suburbs

Advanced series of more robust drones are teaching themselves how to fly

'Earthships' might be the most sustainable, livable, economical, fire-resistant buildings ever conceived of

Researchers demonstrate new concept of optical fiber sensors

Frozen electron waves in magnetite


Unfixable security flaw found in Intel chipset

High-quality extended reality in easy-to-use and inexpensive devices

Enabling battery-powered silicon chips to work faster and longer

User-customizable computing engine for artificial intelligence tasks

Researchers introduce new algorithm to reduce machine learning time

Intel processors still vulnerable to attack, study finds

AMD processors susceptible to security vulnerabilities, data leaks

Next generation 911 services are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks

An all-electric magnetic logic gate


Australian scientists discover new 'pulsating' star

Very Large Telescope observes exoplanet where iron evaporates on its day side and falls as 'rain' on its night side

Study determines fundamental parameters of four open clusters

Giant-impact hypothesis: Traces of Theia found in the Moon

Rare double brown dwarf eclipse spotted in surprise discovery

How the North Star defies astronomers models

Researchers pose new theory about ice giants Neptune and Uranus' peculiar magnetic fields

Almost 140 new minor planets found beyond Neptune

In analyzing the Comet 67P, scientists have uncovered significant amounts of ammonium salts

Mercury's 400 C heat may help it make its own ice

Heliopause is not a continuous shield

Crater chain with pit "skylight" in Tharsis Montes


Ancient shell shows days were half-hour shorter 70 million years ago

29 bullet points proving the sun causes global warming, not CO2

Dinosaur 'stomping ground' discovered on Scotland's Isle of Skye

Ice Ages related to changes in Earth's tilt

Coronavirus came to Earth on meteor [[Velikovsky & the TB team have made similar statements about plagues in the past]]

Bacterial life on Mars

Syrian village melted by airburst

A LGM Sea Level Problem

Safire Project


Dinosaur DNA Confronts Big Ideas

5,000-year-old sword hidden in Venetian monastery

Earth’s mantle, not its core, may have generated planet’s early magnetic field

‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries

Bosnian Pyramids 2020 Update: Real or Hoax? | Ancient Architects

Scientists Agree: Younger Dryas Impact Event Wiped Out Ancient Civilization | Ancient Architects

Talking with Christopher Dunn! UnchartedX Podcast - Ancient High Technology around the world

Proof of A Lost Civilization?

More Proofs Of A Lost Civilization...?


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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #241 on: March 21, 2020, 01:21:43 pm »

See newest post at



Trapped ions may unlock a path to better batteries and much more

A cyclic phosphate-based electrolyte for safe and high voltage lithium-ion batteries

A strategy to achieve ultrahigh power and energy density in lithium-ion batteries

Successful flight test of hypersonic glide body [[Maybe, if it's not propaganda]]

New low-cost approach detects building deformations with extreme precision in real time

Promising material shows new evidence of unconventional superconductivity

Semiconductors can behave like metals and even like superconductors

Long-distance fiber link poised to create powerful networks of optical clocks

Three national laboratories achieve record magnetic field for accelerator focusing magnet

Robust phase retrieval at low photon counts

Innovative new fabrication approach for reprogrammable photonic circuits


U.S. internet well-equipped to handle work from home surge

U.S. providers offer free Wi-Fi for 60 days

Study shows widely used machine learning methods don't work as claimed

Not all young people are 'digital natives' – inequality hugely limits experiences of technology

Working from home because of coronavirus? Be careful what you download to keep cybersafe

The other virus threat: Surge in COVID-themed cyberattacks

Cyber hygiene keeps your email safe from virtual viruses

Cross-technology communication in the Internet of Things significantly simplified

A novel artificial intelligence system that predicts air pollution levels

Novel system allows untethered high-quality multi-player VR

Remote work will stress-test the internet—and parts will need repair, expert says

This drone can play dodgeball—and win

Home internet jammed up? Try these steps before upgrading


Merger between two stars led to blue supergiant, iconic supernova [[Very Doubtful]]

Hubble investigates hungry galaxy

Scientists discover pulsating remains of a star in an eclipsing double star system

Binary evolution of a millisecond pulsar

The strange orbits of 'Tatooine' planetary disks

Astronomers determine chemical composition of a nearby stellar stream

Hubble gazes at fluffy-looking galaxy

X-Ray Milky Way

Initial findings of artificial impact on asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s asteroid-smashing probe reveals a surprisingly young space rock

Comet Y4 ATLAS brightening

NASA warns 3 asteroids currently headed for Earth

Scientists unravel mystery behind billions of tons of ice on hellishly hot Mercury [[It's only hellishly hot on the sunny side; on the dark side it's hellishly cold and the poles are on the border]]

The southern hemisphere of Jupiter

Iron is everywhere in Earth's vicinity, suggest two decades of Cluster data


A 'Cat Tale': A story of how flawed science formed the basis of policy

'Long overdue' Yellowstone supervolcano eruption paused [[It's not overdue; the past eruptions occurred over a short time period during rapid continental drift - see]]

Molten Iron Rain [[Maybe happened on Mars too]]

Nitrogen and Younger Dryas Impact/s

Squatting man petroglyph

Lightning in a stone circle 3000BC?

Very Ancient Bone Circle

Fine Tuning Radiocarbon Dates [for Thera etc]

America's skeptic changes mind on Younger Dryas event


How Did Coal Seams Form?

Surviving the Younger Dryas

A Giant Pyramid Puzzle in Mexico: The Mystery of Toniná

Is this Evidence of Ancient High Technology at Al-Naslaa? [not yet] | Ancient Architects

Ev Cochrane: The Flowering of Creation [Venus myths etc]

Impossible Feats of Ancient Engineering?

Inexplicable Ancient Mysteries

Kosmographia Podcast Update: View on Randall Carlson channel

YDB Micro-meteorites in the Black Mat / Glass Bubbles?

Mystery of Ancient ‘KNOBS’ in Temples

Culturally Sterile layers above Black Mat / Evidence for Catastrophe

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Re: 7) Tech & Sci News
« Reply #242 on: March 28, 2020, 12:46:35 pm »



Small, precise and affordable gyroscope for navigating without GPS

How drones can help farmers track flooding, hail damage, and plant health

A new low-cost solar technology for environmental cooling

Power-generating material for organic photovoltaics

Engineers find ankle exoskeleton aids running

Micro aerial vehicles

Ultrafast and broadband perovskite photodetectors for large-dynamic-range imaging

Researchers observe ultrafast processes of single molecules for the first time

Researchers measure one-photon transitions in an unbound electron

Advanced 'super-planckian' material exhibits LED-like light when heated

Researchers develop a black phosphorus all-fiber humidity sensor

Researchers catch light in a funnel


The story behind that little padlock in your browser

Warning system that will identify manipulated images, deepfake videos

Study uses AI to estimate unexploded bombs from Vietnam War

Microsoft reports new Windows vulnerability

Automated speech recognition less accurate for blacks

High-frequency transistors achieve record efficiency at 100 volts

An expert in forming habits reveals how to work from home

Working from home risks online security and privacy: How to stay protected

Researchers develop faster way to replace bad data with accurate information

Router phishing scam targets global fear over coronavirus

A key development in the drive for energy-efficient electronics


Tsunami-like rampaging quasars can rip their host galaxies to shreds, new study reveals

Chinese astronomers detect gamma-ray emission from two star-forming galaxies

ALMA resolves gas impacted by young jets from supermassive blank hole


Explosion on the far side of the sun

The size of Comet ATLAS

NASA data shows gas is leaking from Uranus

Scientists observe superconductivity in meteorites

Asteroid Bennu in unprecedented detail

This powerful ion engine will be flying on NASA's DART mission to try and redirect an asteroid

Revisiting decades-old Voyager 2 data, scientists find one more secret about Uranus


Fragment of lost continent discovered off coast of Canada

Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils [very likely false]

Squids can edit their own genes

Scientists 'reset' the age of stem cells from a supercentenarian who lived to 114

Coronavirus and disease from outer space - Q & A with Dr. Wickramasinghe

Australia found a way to save water from plastic pollution

Billion-year-old algae and the discovery of newer genes hint at land plants' origin [They're assuming that fossils are up to billions of years old, but they're really only as old as the Great Flood, when most sedimentary rock strata, including fossils, were formed.]

Fossils in Tar Pits

Agriculture in New Guinea

C14 Dating Plateaus

Leading scientist predicted pandemic on November 25th, 2019

Cosmic Biology

Darkness, not cold, likely responsible for dinosaur-killing extinction

Positron Lightning

Breathtaking, Iconic and Rare Historical Pictures of Ancient Egypt: 1838-1850 | Ancient Architects

Andrew Hall: Large Scale Wind Structures

One Ancient Global Megalithic Culture Or Many?

Impossible Feats of Ancient Engineering?

Inexplicable Ancient Mysteries


Coronavirus Did NOT Originate in China: Lombardy Doctors Have Been Dealing With 'Strange Pneumonia' Since at Least NOVEMBER

New York hospitals treating coronavirus patients with vitamin C

University of Oxford researchers stop relying on WHO for modeling data

The National Plan to Vaccinate Every American

BFR Fitness Training for Health and Well-Being
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