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Author Topic: Huge exposure  (Read 2105 times)


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Huge exposure
« on: May 06, 2003, 09:10:57 pm »

I regularly get conservative alerts in my e-mail, and today I got this one:

This CONSERVATIVE ALERT prepared for Mark Schultz:

ISSUE: Do you ever get the feeling that a certain Second
Amendment gun rights organization isn't so hot on First
Amendment free speech rights?

On Sunday, April 27, Timothy Condon, a Marine Corps
Vietnam veteran and Director of Member Services for the
rapidly growing Free State Project (,
was peacefully handing out flyers extolling the benefits
of the FSP for gun owners outside the National Rifle
Association national convention in Orlando, Florida.
Condon, an NRA member himself and a registered participant
at the convention, had been handing out the flyers in
the same location for 3 days without incident.

On that Sunday morning, with no notice, he was approached
by security personnel and Orange County sheriff's
deputies and told to "cease and desist" or he'd be
arrested for "trespassing." Condon, an attorney, pointed
out that he was on a public walkway, not in the convention
hall, and refused, citing the First Amendment. "I believe
there is a First Amendment problem with prohibiting people
from passing out political literature on public property
where there is no problem caused by it," Condon said.

Condon was then ARRESTED and transported to the Orange
County Jail, where he spent 12 hours before being released
on bond. "I was held for 12 hours at the Orange County
jail, treated well by the sheriff's office personnel (who
were probably treating me with kid-gloves because they
knew I was a lawyer, and that this was a constitutional/
civil rights challenge), before being bonded out on $500
bond by my wife Michele, who was working on it from Tampa,
100 miles away." (Note that although Condon was "treated
well," he was not offered the chance to be released on
his own recognizance, despite the fact that he is an
attorney and certainly not a flight risk). Condon has
been charged with "Trespass after warning," a first degree
misdemeanor worth one year in jail if convicted. The
arraignment is scheduled for 6/12/03.

Haven't heard that story yet? You're not alone. Even if
you live in Florida you wouldn't have seen the story in
your local paper. The mainstream media is IGNORING the
story. Despite the fact that Condon and the FSP immediately
sent a press release to the local Florida media, there has
been NO coverage.

Well, let's get 85,000 conservatives to change that, shall we?

ACTION ITEM: The Free State Project is encouraging concerned
citizens to write letters to the editor to the "news"papers
in Florida, decrying this treatment of peaceful
Constitutionally protected activity, and urging them to
interview Tim Condon and to show up at his arraignment and
cover it as a news event.

Let's make sure they know that there are those of us in the
country who DO care, and care deeply, when anyone's First
Amendment rights are violated, and let them know that we
think the press has a special obligation to cover free speech
issues, since their own existence depends on the First

Go to our site below to send a message to media outlets in
Florida, requesting that they give this story the coverage it
deserves (try to use our "Talking Points" to edit the letter
so that they don't receive thousands of copies of the same
letter - they hate that):
<a href=""> AOL GO HERE </a>

NOTE:  Those who are NRA members (and even those who aren't)
may also want to write the NRA at
and let them know what you think about this outrageous treatment
of one of their members. Remember, NOT ONE official from the
NRA approached Tim and asked him to leave or, if he WAS on
"rented property," asked him to move; they simply sent the cops.
As of right now, NOT ONE official from the NRA has contacted
Tim since the incident, to explain their rationale for having
him arrested. "What is even more bizarre to me is that the
National Rifle Association would have one of its own members
arrested for passing out literature that supports the Second
Amendment right to keep and bear arms," Condon commented.

Be sure to forward this e-mail to everyone you know cares about
ALL of the constitutional rights of citizens across America.
Thank you!

Robert H.

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Re:Huge exposure
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2003, 11:42:30 pm »

Well, let's get 85,000 conservatives to change that, shall we?

That's a whole lot of potential attention and support!   ;D


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Re:Huge exposure
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2003, 12:04:05 am »

I notice the curve in the membership graph has turned up again. All this exposure is giving us members...
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