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Author Topic: Home Schooling, Unschooling (See FSP/Libertarian News)  (Read 78248 times)


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Home Schooling, Unschooling (See FSP/Libertarian News)
« on: February 01, 2009, 02:06:24 pm »

[Most recent topic is at the end of the thread.]


(Entertainment starts at 3rd Post)


When society breaks down, we can build anew on more sound footing, such as better education methods, like the Suzuki mother tongue method.
Young Kids Learn "Suzuki" Violin
The young or inexperienced learn by playing with more experienced players
The Suzuki method can be applied to most any learning. That includes public speaking. Most people have stage fright, but a better education system could easily end that. It's domineering education that causes stage fright and sheeple-like behavior and submission to authoritarians.

Teacher explains:

* The first one is a great home school video: It's not perfect. The lyrics and images could use improvement. But it's amazingly good for amateur. The singing is most excellent.
* The second one is just an excellent amateur music video, a couple of years old, but I still like it. The sound is amazingly well edited for an amateur. I actually rate it as better than most professional productions:
* Actually, they even sound pretty good playing both at the same time.
* Oh, and this one's pretty good:
* And here's a smorgasboard of video options relating to homeschooling, mostly speeches, I think:
* IAHP is another great resource. See:,,
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Re: Videos for Effective Activism, Home School, Entertainment etc
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2009, 08:44:41 am »

* I just found out yesterday about a source of probably excellent advice that would likely help Libertarians and the peace movement to become effective. Also good for being effective economically and personally. I recommend that activists and supporters go to youtube and listen to some of the videos here:

* Here's what he says [from notes I took]; also see links below.
* To become effective take 4 steps to unplug and reset.
1. Define: define your ideal lifestyle & how much it will cost. That's your target.
2. Eliminate: get rid of all interruptions & people possible that interfere with the target.
3. Automate: take the remaining tasks & automate, delegate, or outsource them: he pays 25 people in India $4/hr to do tasks that would consume hundreds of hours a week of his time. Do outsourcing with with a free trial, or with,, or
4. Liberate: learn mobility & how to use the lifestyle once it's created. Do much of what you fear, because it's necessary for success; ask what's the worst that could happen.
* Being good at producing results is the best job security. Say no to minutia or interruptions to help produce results.
* Minimal input with maximum output = high productivity.
* What we have to invest is income, time and attention; invest each of them wisely.
* Prove the concept of wasted time by getting an autoresponder to check email twice a day to see how much time it saves you.
* Realize that massive action without well-defined objectives is a form of laziness; don't be too lazy to define objectives before acting.
* Set short deadlines, because people tend to use all of the time available & don't finish a project until just before the deadline.
* Identify the 80% of people who waste your time & stop spending time on them.
* Don't multitask most of the time. Use a timer to single task for 20-30' at a time; then do something for a break for a few minutes; then single task again etc.
* Do batching: let things accumulate for a day or a week etc, then do them all at once.
* Data is vaulable if it's actionable. Most data is not valuable.
* What gets measured gets managed, but only measure what's meaningful, not all that's measurable.

* To promote your book, don't use publishers; get a recent college grad to prove themselves at marketing by finding media for your book.
* To sell a book etc, get people to talk about it on the net by saying something remarkable [that people will want to remark on], and by polarizing people. The worst that can happen is no response.
* To be remarkable, threaten people's behaviors, beliefs, or belongings.
* Seek to get your admirers and your haters to get into arguments online.
* Have an incredible phenomenon to discuss, like building 34 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks.
* But you have to have creidibility or a hook or PR, i.e. personal relationships.
* Talk to bloggers around the product, not directly about it, because they don't like to be manipulated or "spammed".
* People like to be part of something new and they like solutions to problems.
* Tell them about the concept of the book, or the trends you noticed.
* Google adreach can help find good titles. Google analytics can find good data.

How to achieve your ideal lifestyle:
How to sell your book or idea:

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Creative Arts
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2009, 10:18:52 pm »


* "Bruce Lee" plays ping-pong with nunchucks [great editing].

* Amazing Acrobatic Girls

Kessler Sisters - Quando , quando [starts poorly, but soon gets hot]
Moby: Porcelain

Bumble Boogie:
Flight of the Bumblebee:
Rhapsody in Blue:
Jerky Drums & Piano:
Jerky Beatbox:

Best Dance Crew:
Six Flags Guy:
Groovy Dancing Girl:

Gene Kelly on roller skates:
Rollerblade dancing thru obstacles [starts at about 50 seconds]:
Unicycle dancing:
Bicycle dancing:
Treadmill dancing:

Treadmill bicycle:
Treadmill quadracycle:
Ice Skating Treadmill:


Orinoco Flow
Wild Child
Curse 'em Puffy Seal


Out There

Do & Sell Art
Speed Painting
Anime Girl
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Re: Better Schooling
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2013, 09:12:07 pm »

A Philadelphia School's Big Bet on Nonviolence
2013-07-18, The Atlantic
Posted: 2013-10-29 08:51:34

Last year when American Paradigm Schools took over Philadelphia's infamous, failing John Paul Jones Middle School, they did something a lot of people would find inconceivable. The school was known as "Jones Jail" for its reputation of violence and disorder, and because the building physically resembled a youth correctional facility. Situated in the Kensington section of the city, it drew students from the heart of a desperately poor hub of injection drug users and street level prostitution where gun violence rates are off the charts. But rather than beef up the already heavy security to ensure safety and restore order, American Paradigm stripped it away. During renovations, they removed the metal detectors and barred windows. The police predicted chaos. But instead, new numbers seem to show that in a single year, the number of serious incidents fell by 90%. The school says it wasn't just the humanizing physical makeover of the facility that helped. Memphis Street Academy also credits the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) , a noncoercive, nonviolent conflict resolution regimen originally used in prison settings that was later adapted to violent schools. AVP, when tailored to school settings, emphasizes student empowerment, relationship building and anger management over institutional control and surveillance. There are no aggressive security guards in schools using the AVP model; instead they have engagement coaches, who provide support, encouragement, and a sense of safety.

Note: For a treasure trove of great news articles which will inspire you to make a difference, click here .
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Re: Better Schooling (Lesson in Plutocratic Science)
« Reply #5 on: December 15, 2013, 10:17:57 pm »

This Year's Nobel Prize Winner Announces Boycott of Top Science Journals (by Miles Mathis)

[Complete article is at - See also ]

. . . the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology/Medicine [-] Schekman [said:] "Leading academic journals are distorting the scientific process and represent a tyranny that must be broken. Pressure to publish in "luxury” journals is encouraging researchers to cut corners and pursue trendy fields of science instead of doing more important work. The problem is exacerbated by editors who are not active scientists but [journalism] professionals who favour studies that are likely to make a splash."

. . . Upon re-reading what I have already written, I thought that Schekman might be in danger of losing his funding from this brouhaha. So I researched his backers at eLife, the open-access magazine he edits and touts in his Guardian article. I was surprised to find two of the largest charitable foundations in the world behind him—which goes a long way in explaining his confidence. He is supported by both the Wellcome Trust and the Howard Hughes Trust, which rank 3 and 4 in the world, having a combined endowment of over 40 billion dollars. This fact puts this boycott in a whole other light, and takes our elevator down to another sublevel. It appears that my first assumption was naïve. I had assumed Schekman was using his new fame to tell a truth, but this whole thing is beginning to look like cover for an intended buy-out or takeover. Since both Nature and Scientific American are owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck Group in Germany, it looks like some bigger billionaire senses an opportunity to takeover the von Holtzbrinck publishing empire. This reading of the story is supported by the fact that Stefan von Holtzbrinck, chairman of his family's Publishing Group, is also chairman of the board of trustees of the Max Planck Foundation. Why is that important? Because the Max Planck Foundation is the third backer of Randy Schekman and his eLife magazine. So what we are seeing is two of eLife's backers attacking the third. That can't be a coincidence. I predict that either the Max Planck Foundation will drop its support for eLife, or von Holtzbrinck will quit as chairman of the board. We will then see the von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group bought out by. . . whom? Well, the current chairman of the Wellcome Trust is William Castell, who is also a director of. . . General Electric. So if you thought something positive was going on here, you are probably wrong. I would say it is very unlikely that a director of GE is going to steer the Wellcome Trust in a direction any ethical person would approve of. So the odds Schekman is a good guy here also just fell dramatically.

What we have seen in the past decade—and especially since 2008—is worldwide media concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. We have seen an unusually high number of acquisitions and mergers. We have also seen old privately owned empires bought out in hostile takeovers by groups with strong ties to governments. Comcast would be the perfect example, since if MOMA is the CIA's museum, Comcast is the CIA's media company. In other words, the billionaires are now swallowing one another, and the billionaires with the strongest ties to government are the only ones not getting eaten. My guess is von Holtzbrinck was seen by someone as being too independent, and therefore prime fishfood. I can't say without doing more research who is behind this attack on Science and Nature, but finding out who was behind Schekman cured me of any optimism. I won't be sorry to see these magazines go, but it now looks like if they go they will just be swallowed by bigger, meaner fish, and I don't see that benefitting science, medicine, or anything else. If the third and fourth largest charitable trusts in the world were doing good, the world wouldn't be what it is, would it? For instance, Wellcome Trust came from Wellcome Pharmaceuticals, which sold out in 1995 to GlaxoSmithKline. GSK, like Pfizer and Monsanto, is one of the most evil companies in the world, responsible for overdrugging and poisoning the world for profit. This is not my opinion or another conspiracy theory, since GSK just paid over 3 billion in fines, pleading guilty to criminal charges in the US for a host of offenses, including hiding and faking data, bribing doctors, and illegal promotion. That is the largest fine ever paid by a drug company and the largest fraud case in healthcare in the history of the United States. You may think Wellcome cut its ties to GSK decades ago, and is now just doing the Lord's work, but if you think that you aren't paying attention. With a GE director as head of Wellcome Trust, you should not expect this fund derived from pharmaceuticals sales to have changed its course.

Unfortunately, I have to admit this new reading of the facts throws a wrench into my original thesis, since if Schekman is just the frontman and pawn in some media takeover, I can't take his agreeing with me as a mark of distinction. Unlike me, it appears he is not attacking the system: he is only attacking his competitors in order to replace them with his own backers. So even if he is telling a small truth about these three journals, no good will come of it. As I have shown before, these people are always right about the opposition, but always wrong about themselves. Or, they often use the truth to destroy their competitors, but then hide behind the same old lies with regard to themselves.

Schekman is certainly right in telling the world that science is being tyrannized, but it isn't Nature and Science that are the major tyrants. They are just the two of the publishing arms of a much larger tyrant, and even larger tyrants appear to be lurking. If you think all these mergers and acquisitions are likely to lead to more scientific freedom or better science, I think you are in for more disappointments. More mergers will just lead to more information monopolies and less intellectual diversity. In both art and science, we appear to be moving to what in farming they call a monoculture. Give it a few more decades, and one company will own all the intellectual property in the world, including all past and current art, science, film, music, sports, and other media. That is your New World Order, and once it finalizes there will be no escape. A paper like this will no longer be possible, since all sources of alternative information will have been wiped. I am just one of the last lizards before the freeze. Since I don't like to end on a down-note, I will point out that this can be stopped. If people don't want to live in that world, they don't have to. If you don't want to live in Mordor, don't help to build it.


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Re: Better Schooling (Practical Homeschooling Newsletter Contents)
« Reply #6 on: December 18, 2013, 09:32:42 pm »

What's in the Current Issue of Practical Homeschooling?

    P20W: Why these four letters mean the new Common Core databases are worse than we thought
    4 spooky new educational trends you should know about
    Safe places to find pen pals for your kids, and why it's worth it
    Your child's science experiment could literally be sent to outer space - for free! Here's how.
    How to make holidays an inspiring, and educational, break from formal academics
    The ups and downs of homeschooling while hubby's enlisted in the Navy
    Tomboys! What to do when your little princess morphs into a cowgirl
    A terrific family writing project
    Online High: what it's like to take courses from a high-quality online academy
    Meet a second-generation homeschool family, and see how they schedule their day (as opposed to how Mom did it)
    Homeschooled girl starts a charity
    Homeschool volleyball champs!

    Melissa Morgan has 10 Top Tips for helping your preschooler memorize the Bible
    Dr. Kuni Beasley explains how to "package" your teen for college admissions
    From best-selling author Janice VanCleave: a Christmas-themed project and experiment.
    Our classical columnist, Dr. Bruce McMenomy, introduces an innovative way to test kids in difficult subjects
    Sam Blumenfeld went to school 75 years ago. He remembers and contrasts the schools of the past with schools today.
    Anne Wegener encourages us with a message about the upside of kids' academic struggles

    One of the huge companies behind Common Core acquires a company that tests for ADHD. Ominous.
    The results of our informal poll on how early homeschoolers start - or plan to start - their children on formal academics
    Britain's "Too Much, Too Soon" campaign
    What's happening to high-school math requirements?
    The weird connection between exit exams and prison

    A set of seven sweet "Super Seatwork" K-3 language-arts workbooks
    A course for teens on how to start their own micro businesses

    Learn with Lowly Worm
    Find history answers quickly with this book
    How to draw, in proper proportion, from real life
    A poetry course


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Re: Better Schooling (NH Homeschooling Laws)
« Reply #7 on: January 02, 2014, 08:55:04 pm »

[It looks like NH is still a bit more authoritarian than some states, but improving. Let's get on our reps to acknowledge parents' total rights to caretake their own kids. They're not govt property and don't need govt abuse via compulsory imprisonment in "schools" for 12 years of their lives.]

New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
PO Box 2224, Concord, NH 03302
(603) 760-2612

Changes to the Home Education Law from 2012

HB545 was the one time notification bill. It took effect on August 12, 2012. If you have been homeschooling and sending in a letter of notification in past years, you do not need to notify again. If you are homeschooling a new student, or have moved to a different district, you do need to notify. Do note that you need to keep your letter of acknowledgement from the school district or private school (and maybe an extra copy) in a safe place, since you will not be receiving a new letter each year.

HB1571 (passed without the governor's signature) removed the requirement to submit the annual evaluation to the “participating agency” and states that the results "(a) May be used to demonstrate the child’s academic proficiency in order to participate in public school programs.
(b) Shall not be used as a basis for termination of a home education program.
(c) Provides a basis for a constructive relationship between the parent and the evaluator, both working together in the best interest of the child." The text of the bill can be found here

HB545 requires only "one-time" notification for homeschooling. It also states that the Home Education Advisory Council will have an opportunity to review and comment on proposed rules, and it makes the three legislative members of the Council non-voting members. Half of the Council's voting membership is made up of homeschooling parents. You can read the text of the amended bill at

Some families may still choose to send in an evaluation, and there is the possibility that some non-public schools will ask to have evaluations submitted to them.

[See more at ]


2 Previews of Coming Posts


[Comments about this kindergarten poster are below.]
JEN: Oh, that brings back memories! I don’t remember how my son got graded on coloring, but he HATED coloring. If he decided to go along with the assignment, he would color the picture somewhat with colors that “made sense” and then he finished it by scribbling black all over the top of it not caring where the lines were. I was certain they were going to think he was depressed and refer us to a psychologist. LOL

ANDREA: My parents took the black crayon away when I was about four. LOL

MARI: Sounds like angsty rebellion to me, Jen. “Fine! I’ll go along with your stupid assignment but HERE’S what I think of it!”

Also, I remember the days of being terrified the school would refer us to a psychologist. One of the girls’ teachers did this cool exercise with the kids where she would scribble some lines and curves on a page in a notebook then the kids would take the scribble back to their desks and turn it into a picture and write a short story about the picture they had created. Invariably the girls in the class made pictures about unicorns and princesses and the boys made pictures about video games and shooting people. And MY kids made pictures about “Bob the Evil Duck” who was evil and had no friends and was on an endless quest to find a friend but inadvertently ended up slaughtering everyone he met or farting evil gas clouds that destroyed cities or turning into a vampire and creating evil vampire duck spawn or something outrageously strange and demented. I just knew that sooner or later the teacher was going to be like, “Look, your kid needs help. I’ve contacted authorities and you’re now all on some kind of terrorism watchlist and I really think you need family counseling or something.”

JEN: LOL, Mari! That’s like my son would almost always write the opposite of whatever the writing prompt was. He did get a visit from the school counselor (without my knowledge until after the fact) because he wrote why he was not proud of himself when the assignment was to write why he was proud of himself. I let the teacher know how I felt about that and reminded her that the entire year he had been writing the opposite of whatever she assigned – still it was “the law” that she had to do that.

Yep – angsty rebellion pretty much sums up his entire public school career. I loved reading Shamus’s book, because a lot of what he wrote about his dislike of worksheets and what he thought about school was like being able to get a glimpse inside my boy’s head. And … I’ve derailed your thread about coloring.

MARI: LOL, not at all, Jen. It was a thread about how sad that picture made me and why. I’m not a “stick to one topic” kind of person – I love when threads go all stream-of-consciousness.

One of my daughter’s “scribbles” stories was about a serial killer that killed every member of her class except her. I just knew that was going to get us a call or a visit from CPS or the cops or something. Luckily, I don’t think the teacher ever figured out that in the story, my daughter was the serial killer.

And what law makes teachers send kids to the school psychologist without informing parents? O_o Personally, I would be glad the kid took the writing assignment as permission to safely work out his issues in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment. But then, I’ve been accused more than once of being “a little hippy dippy.”

PREVIEW #2 (Home-Schooling)

Narration Beats Tests
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Sam Adams

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Re: Better Schooling (NH Homeschooling Laws)
« Reply #8 on: January 03, 2014, 12:49:57 am »

In the 90,s my kids attended elementary school and they had a stiff structured school. They tried to criticize myself and or my wife once about proper parenting skills and it was meet with immediate questions and statements of their early retirement. The principle interfered and it was suggested that he be brought before the board of education for expulsion. Why can,t parents today realize that the public servants can and will be fired for overstepping their duties, only upon YOUR say so, Speak Up Always.


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Re: Better Schooling (Attend School Board Meetings)
« Reply #9 on: January 03, 2014, 06:57:15 pm »

School Boards

Attending the meetings, or running for the board and getting elected, surely can be helpful. My brother has been on his local school board for a few years now. He votes the opposite of everyone else nearly all the time and he explains why, but the other members seem to be too stupid to understand. They're brainwashed by conventional society.

You're not likely to find many school boards who will uphold parents' rights to have sole responsibility for overseeing the education of their own kids. As long as they condone compulsory attendance etc, school boards are just part of the Statist system. So I favor home-schooling, or Unschooling, as some say. End Statist brainwashing by keeping kids out of public and Statism-supporting schools.


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Re: Better Schooling (Stop School to Jail Track)
« Reply #10 on: January 09, 2014, 11:03:32 pm »

[I don't expect much of anything positive to come of the Obama Administration on this issue, but some people are hopeful, and it's just as well to hear of it, as well as raise awareness of the problem.]

Movement breakthrough reaches DC, Obama Administration moves to address the school to jail track across the country. Ashley Franklin

Labor/Community Strategy Center
     Community Rights Campaign         
Obama Administration moves to address the school to jail track across the country.

The Department of Justice and Department of Education released joint guidelines to school districts to curb the school to jail track and address discriminatory discipline practices across the country.  The Community Rights Campaign's recent report Black, Brown and Over-Policed in L.A. Schools documented such discriminatory outcomes with the racialized rates of school police ticketing and arrests in LAUSD.  These new guidelines are warning districts that the federal government is willing to take action to remedy discriminatory discipline patterns that are impacting Black and Latino students across the country, including the racial harms associated with the role of police at school.

This is a sign of the power of a growing grassroots civil and human rights movement to end racism and the pre-prison conditions in our schools.  These guidelines are the result of many years of struggles on many different fronts.  We want to give movement shout-outs to Dignity in Schools Campaign, Alliance for Educational Justice, Advancement Project-DC Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Campaign, Gay Straight Alliance Network, CADRE, Youth Justice Coalition, Southern Echo, Padres y Jovenes Unidos, VOYCE, Black Organizing Project, Public Counsel, ACLU-SC, DRUM-NY, Philadelphia Student Union, Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC), Children's Defense Fund, and the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition.

The Labor Community Strategy Center's Community Rights Campaign and our allies have been leading many prominent struggles in our schools, in the county and in the state to curb back some of the most punitive aspects of the school to jail track in the country from the criminalization of truancy, mass ticketing and arrests in schools, and moving the needle with our allies and LAUSD leadership to implement alternatives to end harsh discipline practices in LAUSD. Los Angeles is an important site of struggle as the second largest school district in the country, the largest dedicated school police department in the country and the largest youth probation system in the country.

Please check out this article from the LA Times where the Community Rights Campaign Lead Organizer Manuel Criollo is featured along with other local allies. You can also check out this NY Times editorial.  Follow this link to read the original "Dear Colleague" letter from DOE/DOJ.

Ashley Franklin
Community Rights Organizer

Community Rights Campaign     
3780 Wilshire Blvd. #1200, Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 387-2800


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Re: Better Schooling (Zero Tuition College)
« Reply #11 on: January 11, 2014, 10:50:46 pm »

Zero Tuition College

Welcome to the Online Community of
560 Self-Directed Learners

Who Educate Themselves Without College

Zero Tuition College started as a blog. Then it became a community. Now it's a book: Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four-Year Degree, written by ZTC founder Blake Boles.

The ZTC Community [JOIN US!]
Advanced Search
Currently displaying 560 profiles.

ZTC Projects are proposed and managed by individual authors. If you'd like to learn more about a project or get involved, contact the project author directly. To submit a project proposal, please write to

Below you'll find various resources that support or promote self-directed learning at the college level.
To suggest an addition, please send it to Thanks!


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Re: Better Schooling (START A [Bartering] TRADE SCHOOL in NH)
« Reply #12 on: February 13, 2014, 10:06:57 am »

Trade School

Trade School is an alternative, self-organized school that runs on barter.
It works like this:

1) Teachers propose classes and ask for barter items from students. For example, if you teach a class about making butter, you might ask students to bring heavy cream, jars, bread, music tips, clothes, vegetables, or help with something like finding an apartment.

2) Students sign up for classes by agreeing to bring a barter item for the teacher.

Trade School is for people who value hands-on knowledge, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange. We believe that everyone has something to offer.

The Trade School network is made up of self-organized barter-for-knowledge schools across the world. It started in 2010 with a small group of friends in New York and spread to Virginia and Milan in 2011.

How do I start a Trade School?

1) You learn about Trade School via our website and our PDF.

2) You make sure you are aligned with our basic principles:


    1. Trade School is a learning experiment where teachers barter with students.
    2. Trade School is not free-- we believe in the power of non-monetary value.
    3. We place equal value on big ideas, practical skills, and experiential knowledge.


    1. Everyone has something to offer.
    2. We are actively working to create safe spaces for people and ideas.
    3. We want more spaces made by and for the people who use them.


    1. Trade School runs on mutual respect.
    2. We avoid hoarding leadership by sharing responsibilities and information.
    3. We are motivated by integrity, not coercion.
    4. Our organization is always learning and evolving.

3) You find friends and neighbors who want to help open a local Trade School with you, as these people will add energy and information to your school. Plus, organizing a school alone is tiring, boring, and against the principles of cooperation!

4) You fill out the form below, telling us where you are located and your reasons for organizing a Trade School in your area.

5) An organizer contacts you, sharing information and giving you a Trade School website for your area (ex: that allows you to schedule classes, coordinate with other organizers, accept and approve class proposals from teachers, make forms for students to sign up for classes and receive emails, and tell the world about what you’re doing. You make your own logo!

6) You start your own Trade School!

7) You keep in touch with Trade School organizers internationally, letting everyone know what did and didn’t work, while helping new Trade Schools open.


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Re: Better Schooling (SCIENCE: Stars Form Electrically etc)
« Reply #13 on: March 02, 2014, 12:31:33 am »

As with most things in modern society, science is all screwed up too, because of fascist influence. So here's some help to find truth, instead of propaganda that is taught in most schools.

Stars and Planetoids etc
Many things claimed in conventional science are false and illogical (and unscientific). For example, there's no way that stars can form in dusty plasma in space with just gravity. Gravity is a very weak force that can't make two atoms or molecules stick together. Instead, hydrogen atoms in space probably tend to form strings or filaments with the proton end of one hydrogen atom attracting the electron end of another one. Hydrogen is made of just one proton and one electron, which are shown as + and - which attract each other, while also repelling like particles. So they form filaments of +-+-+-+-+-. When filaments get long and thick enough, an EM pulse or something can cause them to collapse into stars and planetoids. Charles Chandler has very thorough explanations of how dusty plasma forms stars, which have electrical current-free double layers, CFDLs, due to compressive ionization which squeezes electrons out of densely packed atoms. He explains how granules and supergranules form in the photosphere, how sunspots form, how the solar wind is forced out of the Sun and so on. He also has a Geophysics section to explain how CFDLs in the Earth cause the geomagnetic field, the Moho layer, volcanoes and earthquakes and how asteroid impact caused continental drift and how tides and global warming and cooling occur due to alignments of planets.

Fast Rock Strata Formation
This website shows that rock strata very likely formed rapidly, during cataclysmic flooding, instead of slowly over millions of years, as demonstrated scientifically.

Grand Canyon Formed Rapidly
There's an online book here which explains in detail how the Grand Canyon formed when two large lakes breached a natural dam. It likely only took a few days for the canyon to form when all that water ran through it, just like when water can breach manmade dams and empty reservoirs quickly. The author believed in the biblical creation story, but you don't have to believe in that to see that the science of the catastrophic formation of the Grand Canyon is very plausible.

Asteroid Impact Caused Continental Drift
The above book uses "hydroplate" theory to explain continental drift, but that theory isn't very plausible. Instead, Mike Fisher's theory of an asteroid impact as the cause is much better and can be found at . He also shows that dinosaur fossils have now been carbon dated to being only about 20 to 30 thousand years old, instead of many millions of years.

Everything is made of Light Photons
The site shows that calculus needs to be improved, that formulas in physics need correction and that all matter is made of photons. He shows how the elements are made. They aren't like bags of marbles, but instead they spin and all the atomic particles within them spin too. If they become unbalanced, they can break apart. The particles take in and emit light beams which help to organize the particles in atoms and ions etc.

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Re: Better Schooling (Major Science Errors)
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Probable Major Science Errors
1. Authoritarian corruption of science, science media, math, education and political economics
2. False safety certification of medical treatments, industrial processes and consumer products
3. Some false history and false interpretation of myths, ancient documents and bibles
4. False dating of fossils, artifacts and rock strata
5. False Big Bang theory history of the Universe and formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters
6. Inaccurate calculation of cosmic distances
7. Incomplete Nebular Hypothesis of formation of star systems
8. False theory of Continental Drift
9. False theories of Earthquakes, Vulcanism and Meteor Impacts
10. False theory of Weather
11. False Greenhouse theory of Venus and Earth and False claims of CO2 caused Global Warming
12. False theory of Petroleum formation
13. Wrongful denial of Transmutation
14. False Quantum Mechanics

Science Errors Ranking by Importance
1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 14
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