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Author Topic: Introducing where minds meet  (Read 2009 times)


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Introducing where minds meet
« on: September 02, 2009, 06:07:37 pm »

Hello everyone,

I've developed a website called and I'd very much appreciate feedback from members of the Free State Project.  A snippet from the About Us page (

We all admire beauty, but the mind is what ultimately must be stimulated for maximum arousal. Longevity in relationships cannot occur without a meeting of the minds. And that is what BrainCrave is: a dating venue where minds meet.

Sadly, the one characteristic all dating sites have in common is that what people write in their profiles is typically very superficial, repetitive, and cliché. Sure, answering the basic questions gives you some level of understanding about what they are like. But what about the deep, philosophical aspects of a person's personality and character? Where are the questions that demonstrate the capabilities of the intellect? How do you discern a person's honor by commonplace and cliché answers to basic (and sometimes boring) questions? Does true intimacy really stem from answers regarding your favorite color, the shapes of lines on your hands, or being able to go from jeans to a dress/suit on a moment's notice? Where are the intellectual hedonists?

It's true - many people don't like to write about themselves; and many more aren't very good at describing themselves in words. That's where BrainCrave strives to be different. Though we will have the more general questions that most are used to, we intend to ask your thoughts on deeper topics... topics that spawn your own insights and those of your potential matches around the way you think, the choices you make, and the actions you take.

Principles and philosophies are gathered and developed over the course of our lives. Though all philosophies of life are welcome, we are especially dedicated to those of you who put reason as your basic philosophical tenet (e.g., Aristotle, Ayn Rand/Objectivism). Similarly, we admit our partiality to adherents of the free market and Austrian school of economics. Don't know much about either? Come meet and chat with our other members to learn more!

For our annual Gold and Platinum members, we offer you an exclusive service that provides personalized suggestions for improving your profile to feed the minds of your potential matches. Sure, improving your profile will result in a larger volume of connections. However, and more importantly, improved profiles result in higher quality discussions as you get to know each other. And is there really anything sexier than the stimulation you get from conversations that are deep in thought?

We also offer opportunities to earn free Gold status for writing articles. When users view your article, they will have an opportunity to "sanction" it. Every time your article is sanctioned, it will earn sanction points. Earn enough sanctions and we will reward you with additional months of free Gold membership in appreciation of your effort.

You'll notice that I haven't specifically advertised that this website is targeted at libertarians as I hope to bring in members from other political persuasions and then introduce them to libertarian and free market concepts through the profile questions they answer, facilitated live-chat discussions, and member-submitted articles. (Anyone interested in becoming a facilitator?) What you will also notice is all of the banners that support familiar libertarian sites and actions including, of course, the Free State Project.

As I've searched for libertarian dating websites, I find that they are pretty sparse (and lousy).  They also appear to be run by someone who isn't passionate about the philosophies.  As you can see from my Digg postings (, I am.  I'm thrilled that the freedom movement is continuing to grow so significantly and I'm hoping to make an additional contribution to its prosperity.  (Who knows?  I might even get some good dates!)  I believe one of the core problems is that people don't care about philosophy anymore and about the fundamental aspects of their beliefs.  I intend to help change that.  After all, if you're not part of the solution...

To encourage your feedback, I'm offering Free State Project members a free 4-month Platinum membership (a $120 value - just enter FSP when you register). All I ask in return for your free membership is for you to click on the feedback link after using the site and let me know your honest opinions and ideas. I'm very interested in hearing what the libertarian community thinks of BrainCrave. I've also attached a copy of an ad that will be going out hopefully in a few weeks, and I'd love to have your feedback on that as well.  Thanx in advance for any feedback you'd offer.

- B.

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