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Author Topic: 2002 WY LP Candidate for Gov: Wyoming not the place, not independent enough  (Read 15843 times)

Robert H.

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We may be exactly what these people will consider worth stepping up to the voting booth for.  Whatever they are hiding from, I bet our success will free them from it.  And we can convince them of that.  There is no other State where we can actually convert a significant number of people from within the State.

Well, Alaska may be another.  There are over 200,000 voters there that are registered as "undeclared" and "non-partisan," and I'm willing to bet that Alaska has a significant number of "stealth" residents like Wyoming appears to have; people who are flying under the radar.  Alaska has a reputation as being a haven for people who are trying to disappear.  And I agree that we may very well be a group that could activate such persons.  

I also believe that we would have heavy appeal with younger voters.  Many of them are basically libertarian in their thinking and are actively looking for an alternative to the major parties.


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If this is the case, then Wyoming may well be our best bet despite a few who will shoot at us
Dang, I thought we had Zack convinced to move to Montana.  ;)

I think you can get a whole lot more libertarian than Wyoming, in a place called New Hampshire, and probably in other places too.  I checked the RLC Liberty Index, and in the latest session listed, 2001, here were the scores:

NH:  90, 87.5, 80, 71.5
WY:  88, 87.5, 74.5
Respectfully, Freedom, your facts are wrong, and it bothers me greatly that some others may take your word for it when you write factually-challenged statesments instead of checking it for themselves.
Keith M, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

First, the average of the scores you post is 82.25 for NH, 83.33 for WY, essentially identical.  

They are essentially identical, agreed.  Freedom's statement was that the RLC showed that Wyoming was more libertarian.  My point was that it showed no such thing.  I did not post incorrect information.  
Sorry for quoting something so far back, but Zack keeps filling these threads with dreck.

I'm not letting you off that easy, Keith M. I was not talking about what FR said, but what you said. You said "I think you can get a whole lot more libertarian than Wyoming, in a place called New Hampshire, and probably in other places too." Then supported that statement with data that, if anything, demonstrates the opposite.

Why don't you just come clean, and admit that of the ways we have to measure libertarianness, Wyoming is right up there? I'm willing to say ID, WY and NH are the 3 most freedom-loving states in the nation. Why not you too? Let's hold hands now, and sing "Kumbaya"...   ;)

Come on, Keith M, you know as well as I do you can get 2% by putting your name on the ballot!    

Here in MD the LP candidate got .87% of the vote, and he was a really good guy and smart politician.
Ugh, what a state. I've heard a lot of bad things from there lately, esp. gun laws. I guess I'm used to Oregon standards where any libertarian candidate draws 2%. We had a real hot race for governor between D and R, very close, and still the LP candidate drew over 4%.

If people in NH are so unanimous about us, then what do they need us for? They can fix their own problems themselves!     ;)

They've certainly done a better job of it than any other state in the country, in my opinion.  They don't need us, you're right.  But do we want to go where we are "needed" (New York City), or do we want to go where the political culture is most suitable for success (New Hampshire)?
Guys, that was a tongue-in-cheek comment. Notice the smiley?

There, are you happy? Now you won't be able to say no one in NH opposes you any more.  

Well, that's true.  He did express a concern... about being turned into a refugee from an invading army who is going to take his property.  Can you find someone who opposes us who actually has a clue of what we stand for?  I mean, this guy thinks we're going to march in, kick everybody else out by force, and secede from the country!

That was tongue-in-cheek too, somewhat. But I was just getting tired of you guys saying you just never have run into anyone in NH who doesn't want us. It was getting pretty silly. BTW, what difference does it make if people don't want us for stupid reasons? By definition, anyone who doesn't want us is stupid, right?  :)

Unless they've been reading Zack's posts...

Can we salvage this thread, or is it too far gone?
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