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Author Topic: N.H. State Parks  (Read 5506 times)


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Re: N.H. State Parks
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2008, 10:44:04 pm »

Not quite sure how we went from horse trails to hot coffee tort law within a single page, but welcome to the wild and wacky world of libertarianism.  ;D

Back to the original question: the parks question has been nicely answered by Fishercat. The bigger point of difference between NH and Florida, is that people in NH are scratching their heads wondering why you're only asking about state parks. Perhaps in Florida, that's your only option for trail riding, so state park policy is paramount. In NH, that's far from the case. The very popular, very extensive, widely used trail system in NH is largely on private land and maintained almost exclusively by private clubs, but open for anyone to use.

Horses are very popular in NH, although there is a bias towards dressage rather than western riding. From what I've seen, there's less snobbery between the two groups than in other places -- "horse people are horse people" is the feeling I get.

There's a good market for equestrian logging, too. Someone with a nice draft hitch or pair of mules can always find work doing low-impact skidding.


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Re: N.H. State Parks
« Reply #16 on: July 10, 2008, 07:04:40 am »

Ok, here we go, let the joust begin..... 1st) I understand why N.H. was chosen. 2nd) I also understand that if N.H. were free to begin with that there would be no need for a Free State Project but a Free Country Project instead.

That being said, folks do not look for a place to move to where they are going to be given the hardest time or the most grief over their favorite thing to do. For example:

If I were an RV'er and was very proud of my all aluminum Air Stream trailer, the place I would look to relocate would not be a state that disallowed RV's in their state parks true? And I surely would not move there anyways with the mind set that they hate RV's but I am going to make all that change.

This analogy could be applied to hobby or way of life. Here in Florida the State Park system has patches for equestrians that ride the trails in each park for those horse enthusiasts to collect. I just found it odd that the opposite to be true in N.H. where supposedly it was chosen for its attitude for less government interference.

I understand whole heartedly that with a collective voice and perseverance these things could change. I also understand a reluctance of those who wish to enjoy their hobby or sport not wanting to find a state with existing confines to begin with.

These were not my reasons for asking my question to begin with. I found it very odd that horses which historically had the right of way in most states both on public and private ways, were being so restricted in State Parks which they are more suited for than motorized vehicles.

Here in Grafton we have, I think, 50 miles of dirt roads, a Rail Trail and lots of woods and fields.  I see people on horseback all of the time. I'm pretty sure you could get around town on a horse. You could move here, ride your horse and become an activist to gain horse access to state parks.
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Re: N.H. State Parks
« Reply #17 on: July 10, 2008, 08:57:12 am »

Or even better, eliminate "state" parks by selling them to private owners.
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Re: N.H. State Parks
« Reply #18 on: July 15, 2008, 07:09:02 pm »

I first went to N.H. State parks web page: 

Then I chose from the list on the left:


Then again from the list of choices on the left I chose:


This took me previously to a New Hampshire trails page (Dead link now) and there was a chart where activities were across the top and the state park names down the left side (or vise versa).  There was a check or shaded in box, I dont remember which, in each column where an activity was "allowed" and even showed an * if and activity was partialy restricted. Only 3 state parks had shown horseback riding as an "allowed" activity. The three I mentioned before in my previous post.

***UPDATE*** I found the charts I was talking about. They are split into 3 charts by alphabet, A-I, J-R and S-Z.

The 1st chart only shows "Bear Brook State Park" with horseback riding trails. The second chart shows  "Pisgah State Park" and then "Pawtuckaway State Park" with restrictions. The 3rd chart has no boxes highlighted.

No, I dont believe I was missing something "Fishcat".
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