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Author Topic: Help Ultimate Free School?  (Read 2266 times)


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Help Ultimate Free School?
« on: November 21, 2008, 12:34:50 pm »

- (We need comments and helpers. See below or go to
- The primary goal of our free school-in-the-making (Golden Eagle Friends School) is maximum human progress for all, especially via the transformation of all governments into freedom supporting organizations. The latter would include empowered monitors and correctors of government abuses. The transformed organizations would also create knowledge institutes, which would preserve, advance, constantly update and prevent suppression of all important knowledge. Knowledge is currently suppressed by the ruling class's force-feeding of society its version of reality via control of education and the major media.
- An effort has begun recently to start our free school to teach progressive (& libertarian) subjects, both online and live, that help students start careers that maximally benefit society, especially the common people. Proposed subjects include Natural Diet & Healthcare, Freedom Philosophy & Activism, Cuop Business, Permaculture & Organic Growing, Alternative Technology etc. The school's objective is to give thorough knowledge and experience to students on these subjects and to aid them in starting their careers. (Freedom Philosophy means mainly progressivism and libertarianism.)

Presently we need people who can spare 4 hours a week or more to do any of the following (for free or for donations):
-1) evaluate/edit online or emailed material as potential course material;
-2) help build a website for teaching the subjects and for fund-raising;
-3) develop presentations to help recruit students or staff;
-4) ask people in your area to take our courses & then, if you can, help local students, as a teacher or advisor;
-5) be on our Board of Directors.
-If you basically share our goal and have a few hours a week to spare on any of those 5 tasks, please click on this link to tell us how you can help:
- Golden Eagle Friends School -
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Re: Help Ultimate Free School 4 Hrs/Wk?
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2008, 01:50:55 pm »

yeah, i can help. i've actually been working on a website that might be just what you're looking for. i'll get a version of it working soon (in the next three weeks) and let you see it.

i'll also work on content after the website is finished.

i think this is a great idea. it could be really useful for all those porcs who homeschool...
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