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Author Topic: Radio Station  (Read 3993 times)


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Radio Station
« on: February 11, 2008, 07:07:21 pm »

I was wanting to know if anyone would know costs, equipment, etc that I should use for an online-based radio station?
1) live shows,
2) playlists,
3) times where it's user controlled as far as playlists
are my goal as far as what.
for libertarians in general, trying to spread the news and open the minds a bit of people as far as i can get on the US. If it just opens some viewpoints a bit in oregon, it's definitely worth it, i think.

itll be a bit, i mean, because i only know so much and honestly going into a place where you'll potentially have debates with the occasional caller and not actually KNOWING much is foolish ^_^

its like homework on top of my homework for myself, hooray !!
haha :P

But yeah, any news, help, any way of getting this out would be cool.

a radio station for people who share our views or anyone who happens to want to listen and find out what we're for,
aimed at college and high school kids, by college and high school kids so they can relate so much more.

(Freemind Radio sounds good to me ^_^ but that's just me having a big dream, probably :D)

Thanks much.
"I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas." - Ron Paul ftw!


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Re: Radio Station
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2008, 09:57:01 pm »

What you are describing is Free Talk Live.  It's a very successful show that started as an internet radio show.  Ian Bernard and Mark Edge (two of the Free State Project's early movers who now live in Keene, which is where the show now broadcasts from) started the show as an internet podcast down in Florida and it's now on 32 radio stations (actually, it may not have started as an internet broadcast...I'm not really sure exactly how it worked).  Hopefully, you can pick up a bit of information from them about how to best start your venture!  Maybe even learn a bit about equipment and stuff too.  They have a forum there too (have thick skin if you visit that forum).

Go for it, man!  It's great that freedom-lovers are finally getting their share of the media.  It's about time.

Another thing you might want to check out is Free Minds TV which is broadcast on a local public access TV in New Hampshire.  There are a few other shows started/hosted by free staters as well like New Hampshire Capitol Access...I know I'm missing something.

For good measure, I'll give you the Ridley Report videos on New Hampshire Capitol Access, Free Talk Live and Free Minds TV.
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Re: Radio Station
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2008, 11:57:16 pm »

definitely !!
i'll check into those ASAP.
no-strings radio.

what i want to do,
the big goal here,
is to open minds.
i hate that people accept everything they hear on tv.
"Im right, youre wrong." Why? because the tv told them so.
what the hell?
i dont understand that idea.
tv is what makes brittney spears famous. and yet everyone complains about her. (only partially sure of where i was going with that example. oh well. i tried ^_^)
i dont get why someone wouldnt turn off the tv and look into things themselves.

so im trying my best,
to forcefeed people my voice. some way, some how.
because they dont want to look at something contradicting what they know,
my theory is people dont want to think,
or that the lack of knowledge is satisfactory because it means they have less problems.
they dont know how wrong that is.
the thing is,
when people shut up for five seconds (LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU! you know the story. GAH! lol.) and they
and LISTEN to what im saying,
they suddenly see something.
could this be ... something... for real?
i have the right to... wait... but the government tells me...

the governments lying and people dont see that.
at first, sometimes its as easy as just coming across it and suddenly realizing something,
in a way being enlightened,
and sometimes its as hard as having to force someone to wear metaphorical contacts (sorry, that was a bad illustration :D oh well.. try forcing a pill down their throat so their migraine goes away so they can bloody think for five minutes and maybe come across a new thought.) so that they can see/think/hear what they need to hear to open a pathway to everything coming easier to them.
because people DO look once they get it,
assuming they've stopped taking the side of the liars.

if it came to war, i tell them,
thanks to someone thinking theyre doing America a "favor" by killing us "terrorists" because of what we believe (i still find that sad, that ron paul's seen as a terrorist - but such is news thats so paid off), then would you be fighting for freedom?
or would you fight for this government?
do you really know what the government wants?
do you REALLY?
Look into it, i tell them.
They're horrified.
Absolutely horrified, pissed, annoyed as hell -
the government's lied.

would you be on this side, i tell them - the side of FREEDOM, which they'll eventually understand - or on the side of your masters, fighting as puppets for a government that does not honestly care what you think if youre getting in their way?

my dad just coined this for me -
No-Strings Radio.

I like that.

I want people my age to get into this because it's cool and they can relate to this kid who's doing a cool radio show.
and then i want them to realize what i believe,
because it only makes perfect sense once you've actually LISTENED and begin to LEARN.

i know that something as simple as a radio program could influence a whole world of youth.
And thats why i want this idea so badly :)

i talked to my teacher, mrs ellis, about this.
i can get credit for this, grad. requirements,
possibly time at school for this radio and setting it up.
a class period where effectively im just on the radio.

and i hope dearly this will open eyes,
because i want to look back and say, yeah.
i helped spark the revolution that saved this country.


sorry to monologue.
also if i lost you.
i ramble.
"I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas." - Ron Paul ftw!
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