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Author Topic: 5-minute activism to help Free Talk Live radio show; get them on in Manchester  (Read 4552 times)

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Dear Free Staters, Ron Paul supporters, and all lovers of liberty:

Thanks to your efforts, the liberty movement is taking hold in New Hampshire.  But our work has just begun!

One thing that would help our efforts is to get Free Talk Live on the radio in Manchester.  People already hear too much of the neocon puppets like Hannity in the major media, and we need to get the liberty message onto people’s car radios.

Please do a small thing that may potentially have large, beneficial consequences.  Contact the AM radio station in Manchester, WGIR AM 610, and ask them to air Free Talk Live.  There are some sample scripts below, but use your own words and either mail, email, or call their program director.  Let’s light those fires of liberty!

WGIR AM radio (AM 610)
Attn. Angela Anderson, Program Director
Email:  cc:
Phone:  603-625-6915 (general number; ask for her voicemail)
Snail mail:  195 McGregor St. Suite 810  Manchester, NH  03102

Thank you!
Mark Warden

P.S.  Of course, this has more credibility if you live within the broadcast range of the station.



Are you familiar with Free Talk Live?  It’s a great radio show broadcast out of Keene, NH.  (

I would love to be able to listen to FTL here in Manchester.  Since you are the talk station in town, I think they would be a natural fit for your conservative, freedom-loving, independent-streak audience.

I listen to Beck and Limbaugh on your station.  I don’t like Hannity, so I tune him out.  I catch Savage once in awhile, but I’d much rather listen to FTL in that time slot.

I hope you will give serious consideration to this NH-based program.  There are a lot of people in the Manchester/Merrimack Valley area that are fans of the show who now listen, delayed, through Podcasts who would rather listen live and call in.

What do you think?

Your Name, Your City
Dear WGIR:

I listen to your station occasionally and like some of the programs, but I would LOVE to listen to Free Talk Live on 610 AM.  The hosts are clever and entertaining, and they get some great guests and callers.

Your station will benefit from increased listenership by adding the FTL program.  They are on at nighttime, when a younger demographic listens, and that’s exactly who follows FTL.  Your mostly conservative listeners probably turn off the radio after 5:00 drive time.

Ian and Mark of Free Talk Live have a great approach to freedom, and liberty is popular!

You will have new fans and new listeners if you air the show.


Dear Angela:

I’ve been listening to Free Talk Live streamed over the internet or by podcast for over a year now.  Since they are based in New Hampshire, why don’t we have them here in Manchester?  As the premier talk station in town, WGIR seems a natural to carry their program. 

Please consider adding FTL ( to your line-up.  Their show is awesome and I know it will be popular on your station.


P.S.  FTL has won Podcast Awards 3 years in a row!  This year they won the award for Best Political Podcast of 2007.  They have a very loyal following.
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