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Author Topic: Police, Firefighters, Dogbreeding, and MMA  (Read 1812 times)


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Police, Firefighters, Dogbreeding, and MMA
« on: January 07, 2008, 05:36:52 pm »

Hello all,
A friend of mine is interested in New Hampshire, but wants to know about a career.  He's interested in becoming a police officer or a firefighter and is currently applying in Los Angles.  In LA both are hard to get into because of so many applicants, firefighters especially.   He would probably prefer Firefighter seeing as that is what he did in the Navy.  I myself wouldn't mind being a volunteer firefighter, I work in IT but trained some firefighting in the Navy and had a good time doing it.   

Does anyone have info regarding either of these organizations? 


Edited: Had a couple more questions and didn't want to clog the forum with too many threads. 

One of the possible people moving with me is looking to breed dogs, specifically a bull breed.  He also does sport protection training with them.  Right now he only has a couple (space and zoning restrictions).  I figure he won't have to worry about those things out there but wanted to know if there are any organizations in NH or free staters that are along those lines.

Also I'm into Mixed Martial Arts.  As a fan and also somewhat active.  Does anyone know what the training scene is like out in NH and if events are sanctioned and occur? 
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