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Author Topic: Saturday Doers Meeting  (Read 2158 times)

Rich Goldman

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Saturday Doers Meeting
« on: May 27, 2007, 06:19:17 pm »

Forwarded from Lynn:

It didn't make it into the May FSP News, but there's a Doers Meeting
set up for 7:30 PM, on Saturday, 6/23, at PorcFest. Here is an
opportunity for core Doers actively working projects to meet the
other Doers they work with, and to solicit input from the Board that
they need, and also provide their own.

I'm drafting an agenda, because it's only an hour, we have a lot of
Doers, and we likely have a lot with common things they'd like to
see, so I'd like to make certain it has some structure. I was
thinking maybe 15 minutes to hear from the Board if they'd like, then
the rest Q&A/open "mike", where Doers can bring up issues, ask
questions, make suggestions, etc.

It's the "Doers" meeting, so what would you like to see/ask? If you
want to reply offline, you can reach me at
Otherwise, by all means, discuss here, but please keep Doers Meeting
in the title line so I don't lose the input with all the incoming in
my email box. I'd like to get the feedback so I can send a draft
itinerary to the Board to let them know some idea of information they
might want to prep on ahead of time, to make the most of our
session. Oh, and please also let me know of any other additions
you'd like to see, like a sign-up sheet with email contacts, or
whatever might be useful for you guys to follow up with the key folks
you need to on your various projects and volunteer areas.

We'll probably provide some beverages and token snacks, as it will be
right after the cook-off. Please also distribut this to past and
present core Doers who you suspect are not on this list. I'll also
post this to the Doers list. Thanks!

Rich Goldman
Head Organizer, PorcFest 2007 & 2008


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Re: Saturday Doers Meeting
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2007, 04:33:43 pm »

and we will be trolling for new volunteers!!!!!!!!
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