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Author Topic: PorcFest News release you can spread around  (Read 2099 times)


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PorcFest News release you can spread around
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:25:38 am »

This is a quickie news release I've been posting on other web forums.  You can do the same. This one's first sentence is slightly customized for   Other than that you can post it anywhere.


I thought this might be of interest to you folks at Anti-State.  Any of you planning on coming?  What are your thoughts on the Free State Project?


The Free Staters are having their 4th annual Porcupine Festival in New Hampshire next month, and you're invited to drop by.  Free Staters are folks who move, or plan to move, to NH for more freedom.   

What:  Porcupine Festival
When: June 18 - 24, 2007
Where: Gunstock Mountain Resort in Gilford, NH
Who:  Hundreds of hardcore liberty activists who are considering moving to NH or already live here
Why: Socialize, learn about NH, join our freedom fight for a week
How:  Registration Details are at   

You've probably never seen more gun-toters in one place!  Turnout averages around 300 a year.  It's a chance to experience maximum freedom and glimpse New Hampshire's future.

Attendees will be able to choose from events in several categories:

    * Bus Tours:  organized trips to various parts of NH
    * Outdoors:  planned hikes and events exploring the environment of NH
    * Activism:  engage in pro-liberty activism in NH
    * Entertainment:  bands, open mike, movies, dancing
    * Training:  learn the basic skills needed to be an effective organizer and/or activist
    * Speakers:  hear and question early movers, the FSP leadership, in-state activists, and others
    * Sports: volleyball/ultimate frisbee/shooting

Since New Hampshire was voted the freest state in the Union in 2003, at least 220 hardcore libertarian activists have moved here and have had a pro-liberty impact completely out of proportion to their numbers.   Local Free Staters now run one print newspaper, four broadcast radio programs and three TV shows.  They have become a major lobbying presence in the State House.  One has won election to the House, and Free Staters have helped kill hundreds of spending bills.  They run New Hampshire's most active web forum; their demonstrations/activities have generated hundreds of mainstream media articles.   More importantly, they have become a base of social and political support for one another at a time when the lifestyle of freedom is becoming a dangerous one to live.

The lights of liberty, though mortally threatened in every state, still shine brightest here.   Among other positive developments, New Hampshire has recently passed a Constitutional amendment restricting eminent domain, has led the rebellion against Real ID and has outlawed the seizure of lawfully borne firearms during a Katrina-style crisis.   

To join our freedom fight from your computer, drop by and see what we've been up to.
Logged - If Britain can do it, New Hampshire can do it

Rich Goldman

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Re: PorcFest News release you can spread around
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2007, 08:56:33 am »

Well written and good points.  I plan to use some of your text in some emails I'll be sending out this week to various groups.

Also, please know that there is a press release available at and a full page color ad at .

Rich Goldman
Head Organizer, PorcFest 2007 & 2008
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