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Author Topic: About-to-graduate-student looking for job/apartment  (Read 2217 times)


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About-to-graduate-student looking for job/apartment
« on: February 04, 2007, 06:16:58 pm »

Hello Free Staters! Boy, am I glad there's a resource like this forum for us to contact other members of the project.

I'm a music (percussion) performance major @ Temple University in Filthydelphia, PA. I'll be graduating in May and I don't know what to do. My mom has been so gracious and generous as to essentially support me through my college "career" but that support ends when I graduate.

I'm a little nervous about the whole being-independent thing, but I'm excited about it, too (that is, after all, what we libertarians live for, right?). Thing is, I've never been independent and I'm not exactly sure how to go about things.

Obviously, I'm tapping into resources like real estate sites and craigslist to look for housing and jobs. And I will be driving to NH in early March to see apartments and rental houses with me own two eyes.

However, I fear that with such a useless degree as Music Performance (I'm qualified to hit, bang and crash things together - in a musical way, of course) I will not be able to find a job which will pay enough to allow me to cover my expenses. The first thought, of course, is to cut my expenses and live below my means. I MUST have a car/gas and a roof over my head.

In any event, I don't think I'll be able to find a decent job. I certainly am willing to flip burgers to make ends meet for a while. But is that necessary? Do any other free staters out there have any ideas for a soon-to-be-first-time-independent young man?

I'm willing to do hard/manual labor, I have reliable wheels, an enthusiasm for liberty not easily matched by your average Joe, a sharp mind, an easy manner, a phenomenal memory, a tight control of the English language, a mean set of writing skills, a voracious appetite for knowledge and I'm a quick learner.

Again, I'll be moving to NH this summer (early or late, dependent upon whether or not I intern at the Foundation for Economic Education).


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Re: About-to-graduate-student looking for job/apartment
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2007, 10:08:09 am »

Good luck to you.
I found the best resource for finding an apartment while I was out of state was online classifieds for the area.
I just called any add that sounded right.
I just hope that the apartment that I got is nice enough, since I haven't actually seen it.

But if you plan to come up before you get an apartment it will make it easier.
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Re: About-to-graduate-student looking for job/apartment
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2007, 12:01:18 am »

It looks like there are a few people who rent bedrooms to PORCs.  You should be able to find some threads here or on the forums.  I'll be moving probably toward the end of summer and I'm very nervous about the prices in NH.  Coming from the midwest my rent is less than half of what most places are asking for.  So I may have to find a boarding house or some similar setup until I get settled down. 

It looks like there are quite a few PORCs in Manchester, and that's probably where I'll try to get to.  I'll be moving by myself so hopefully I'll make a few friends once I make the move.  If you are free Feb. 23-26 you should go to the Liberty Forum in Concord.  I'll be there Friday-Sun (though I only have a hotel room reserved for Sat.  so I may be sleeping in the rental car on Friday night.  :(  )  I'm looking forward to meeting people and if you go maybe you'll find someone who can help you find a job.

P.S.  I'm also a musician so if you're looking to play in a band maybe we should meet up...
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