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Author Topic: State Rankings: Print media coverage on drugs topics  (Read 3983 times)


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State Rankings: Print media coverage on drugs topics
« on: February 23, 2003, 02:45:43 pm »

I was hunting around today on (Their mission statement is here: looking for recent articles concerning the War on (Some) Drugs in our candidate states.  I wanted to get a feel for the prevailing attitude in each state concerning Prohibition II.  I found allot of interesting stuff.  

I did a quick search just to see how many articles came up for each state.  I know it isn't scientific by any stretch, but I found it interesting.  It could mean:

1.  There is allot/little noise from the prohibitionists
2.  There is allot/little noise from the anti-prohibitionists
3.  Neither of the above

I find that allot of the print media in the US write mostly from a prohibitionist prospective.  That may-or-may-not mean a thing.  Consider it interesting trivia if nothing else.


State        # of articles printed

AK and ME:            200
NH:                       198
ID and VT:             168
SD:                       143
MT:                      139
DE:                       54
WY:                      28
ND:                       22

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