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Author Topic: UNOFFICIAL video: Liberty Forum Closing Ceremony  (Read 2664 times)

Denis Goddard

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UNOFFICIAL video: Liberty Forum Closing Ceremony
« on: March 11, 2007, 07:05:24 pm »

Among the many bits of good luck we had at the 2007 Liberty Forum was that one of the attendees was Jerry Lynch.
Jerry negotiated with Irena to take "homemade" video of two NHLF'07 events: the Working Together Panel and the Closing Ceremony. He has graciously offered to allow us to use his footage for FSP purposes.

I've just finished cutting the Closing Ceremony up into parts (one per speaker), shrinking it down to internet-friendly size, and uploading to YouTube/Google Video. Please feel free to post these links far and wide.

Note that the "Official" video is in production, and was shot by totally different cameras than Jerry's.
Official video will be available later... this is just a teaser :)

Closing Ceremony
1. Irena Goddard: Wraps up the Forum, introduces Jason Sorens
2. Jason Sorens: Reviews the FSP mission and the Forum, introduces Don Gorman
3. Don Gorman: Tells people to come to New Hampshire, introduces Ron Paul
4. Ron Paul: Talks like a Libertarian, which is notable since he's in the US Congress and running for President :)
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