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Author Topic: Blood of Heroes  (Read 2500 times)


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Blood of Heroes
« on: June 06, 2006, 12:25:40 am »

Read the laws on Electoral College. The Popular Vote means nothing, nada zip.
THEY will continue to pass the same flawed laws (why always so  many laws? Every day there is a new law!) Politician is the Job that keeps itself.

How bout this: No NEW laws! I think about 90% of them need to be repealed anyway. Bit by bit they are eroding freedoms. Go ahead let them pass another law: You'll lose another freedom. Why do these laws restrict freedom? Safety? Security? They are SECOND to freedom, read the federalist papers!

Give me liberty or give me death! Wisest words ever spoken.

 The idea of CURSE words is a MORAL Dilemma, not a matter of law. Yet those words cannot be spoken on public television as a course of legislation.
 Is that freedom? Someone else's morality made into law? THINK.

Certain things are right and wrong. Stealing, Murdering, Raping, Child Molestation etc. They directly involve a victim.

Many of our laws are a matter of morality and corporate favoritism. Morality should NOT be law. Many of our forefathers spoke against that very thing because THATS what was going on in Britain! (among other injustices)

Curse words in reality are just WORDS. Like Crap, Dang, Dern and Fart. All of those are acceptable, they could just as easily be considered cuss words. There is no difference between those words and any other word in the dictionary. Their is nothing offensive about them at all, they are only offensive because someone (prolly a moralist) decided that they were and everyone else played along.

Nudity is only bad because moralist say so. See? Open your eyes, you need to see with the eyes of liberty.

If a man has a gun, he has an object and is capable of killing. If all men have guns they have object are  capable of killing. If a man does not have a gun he is still capable of killing. Taking away the object will not stop a murder, it will only change the method. See?

A man with a gun is a FREE man, He is equal with his government, Empowered by force just as they are. If a man has no gun he is not equal and therefore a slave to superior force. (Paraphrased from the federalist papers)

The say this is "a different time". A time for conformity, lay down your arms and conform with the world, obey the law no matter how unjust, There is no longer need for revolution, or to stand against Tyranny. Tyranny is only a word used by radicals who cannot conform. All laws are meant to better your life. The idea that the government would create laws for any other purpose is a myth. The very concept is UN-patriotic. Your concern should be the strength of the economy and the acquisition of resources, not the meaning of true freedom. Write your congressman, because he reads each and every letter he is sent.

"The system is flawed but it's the best we got", we have been saying it for fifty years and it only gets worse but thats okay because voting will change things. Wouldn't it be nice if we wrote a constitution that included inalienable rights? Rights the government could never take away?

Wait...that sounds familiar... oh wait! We traded it all away for a better economy and national security! Because we need our pension plans, social security and welfare! Because we are too afraid to defend ourselves! Because we believe that we are a powerless people? Or are WE as a people cowards?

Does the blood of our forefathers still course within our veins?
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