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Author Topic: What If Your 8-Sided Log Home Was........  (Read 1673 times)

Robert Grace

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What If Your 8-Sided Log Home Was........
« on: February 17, 2006, 12:13:41 pm »

Your Job Location
Your Food Store
Your Heating and Cooling Supply
Your Gas Company
Your Electric Company

Has anyone dreamed of the ideal home?
I have.

People who create their own Free State want the best in homes.
So do I.

Its different, very different.
It has fish in the attic.
It has a clear ceiling to see the fish and lights in the attic.
It has a center herb court and a skylight.
It has a cool storage room under the court.
It has rocks in the basement and water in the attic for heat and cold.
It has a greenhouse in the house.
It has heat collecting Trombe wall glass on all South walls and roofs.
It has a methane digester outside for cooking gas.
It has a battery bank for 12v kitchen electric.
It has a compost toilet and a waterfall in the bath.
It has post and beam frames with stackwood between as walls.
It has as little expense as possible with maximum aesthetics.

Register your interest.
Apologies if this sounds like a advertisement.
How can it sound like anything else.

Robert Grace
Impossible Correspondence
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