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Author Topic: Innovative Purchase Solutions  (Read 1562 times)


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Innovative Purchase Solutions
« on: January 04, 2006, 08:28:26 am »

With the median price of existing homes at $246,000 statewide, it takes approximately $77,000 in reportable income to qualify to purchase a home at that price according to a recent Portsmouth Sunday Herald article.

It is very apparent that most people here want to build.  A simple suggestion may be to arrive and purchase existing homesteads with as much land as is available in the community you choose.

An internet connection makes it possible to telecommute from almost anywhere.  Why not consider partnering with like minded singles and couples to buy multi-family properties like for example former or existing bed and breakfasts, or anything thing nice in the two to four family range.  Try and stay away from condos and condex properties as all of the money has already been made in this market for the forseeable future on that type of ownership.

The partnering in property purchases could be done as a loose cooperative form of ownership.
Cooperative ownership would allow cooperative shareholders to sell or transfer their interest as
life conditions change.  The savings in real estate taxation alone on an annual basis would be startling to the average lay person.

Most people rank their treatment by brokers in a real estate transaction somewhere lower than eating live bugs in nationwide surveys over the past 20 years, especially if a buyer makes the mistake of being shown property by Seller Agents (fiduciary responsibility to sellers only).

The goal should be to get as many people housed as possible as they hit the ground.  Share in ownerships could be rented to newcoming people.  The zoning laws regarding multi-family properties and B & B' s make the non-related ownership issue --- a non issue. 

Ask me how to think outside the box in innovative purchase strategies.     
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