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Author Topic: Interested party with questions about education  (Read 2203 times)


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Interested party with questions about education
« on: November 16, 2005, 05:05:49 am »

Hi.. I'm sick of everything within 30 miles of Chicago. I've travelled a good deal, but have NOT seen New Hampshire. I am thinking about either getting some school under my belt or joining the Air Force, and have entertained NH as a viable location for a while now. I have had some friends who came from the state and they absolutely love it, regardless of what they say about the FSP.

If you want a brief synopsis of why you should give me a bit of help looking for some schooling (trade or academics), I would be willing to assist and participate in the FSP in any areas of labor, voting (if I find your candidates worthy), consultation in any of my own abilities, etc.

I am an independent person who is mostly interested in creating a future for myself, but holds the strongest regard for the inalienable rights of all people. Not in any wishy washy sort of sense, I can get into that later.

My question is simply an inquiry as to what technical or academic schools are available and what you would guess tuition to be- I can do the rest of the research myself. Any experience in the schools would be most helpful.

A followup question would be to anyone employed in either the IT or service industry- I'm fairly young and have switched up careers quite often, are there open positions for people with general web development knowledge, computer hardware/software cross-platform experience, I can even do sales or help desk. As for service industry, are there larger parts of NH with more of a "city" vibe where I could get a job as a bartender or waitstaff and make a living?

Final question, last one I swear, is there much of a live rock or music sort of crowd in NH or within the FSPers, or any bikers?
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