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Author Topic: NH: Gubernatorial hopeful says GOP refused to let him speak at Party breakfast  (Read 3720 times)


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Sponsor: -  Liberty-friendly Republican state rep George Lambert just posted this message to FaceBook:

'At the republican breakfast but they would not let me speak. Apparently they think that they can control the message. The reality is that unless serious change takes place we will have a serious problem. — at The Inn on Main."

Lambert has been a frequent guest on the Ridley Report and attended one of my quasi-civil-disobedience events.  At the 2012 PorcFest he raised questions about purported elitist/exclusivist behavior by some of the attendees against others.  I guess you could say that made me start thinking of him as a more radical freedom advocate than ME!   I wonder if that's why he didn't get the GOP microphone....

He's also been recently denounced by fair-weather-liberty-rep Steve Vaillancourt....who freaked out over his opposition to the state house honoring a dead Fed Senator.

More details about Lambert's political run are at

Regarding "the other side of this story..."  I would generally prefer to call our rulers, question them and record the entire interaction on tape when they are accused. 
But the wiretap law - which their chiefs so ardently defend - has a chilling effect, on such calls.  So I generally choose to practice overobedience - and decline to call for their opinions.  In this sense, their bad law saves me time and costs them the chance to present their views.

Regarding the sponsor link above:  Strike the root of authoritarianism in the state where it counts.  Help NH kids escape jailschool by donating to the Liberty Scholarship Fund!

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If you'd like to hear George speak, join us Saturday the 5th of July 2013 for our Annual event.

Details here:


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If you'd like to hear George speak, join us Saturday the 5th of July 2013 for our Annual event.

Details here:

Amazing event. It's on Saturday July 6, 2013 though.
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