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Author Topic: Covid-19/Masks  (Read 1041 times)


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Re: Covid-19/Masks
« Reply #15 on: Today at 10:51:41 am »

So do you prefer businesses not allowed to be open, or people asked to wear masks while businesses are allowed to stay open? 

Move to a state that will fine you hundreds or thousands of dollars for not wearing a mask, and decide if that mandate is for your health or the state's wallet.

Is the increased testing merely showing we previously had hundreds of unreported COVID-19 cases per day in New Hampshire, or is it really spreading more than it had?

We have a few months before a vaccine is widely available and can go deep into the anti-vax weeds.

If you are SO sure masks aren't a help, go find some large rallies with other anti-mask activists and get up close and personal to everyone there.  There's no risk of catching COVID-19 doing that, right?
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