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Today in the Portsmouth Herald:

Free Staters plan protest and yet another arrest

Since his arrest for conducting a public manicure without a license, Free Stater Mike Fisher plans to stay out of trouble until his court-ordered, one-year of good behavior expires. In the meantime, the Newmarket activist is announcing that the Free State Project’s next planned public act of disobedience will be a federal case.
The Free State Project publicist announced that on June 11, Keene resident Russell Kanning will travel to Manchester Airport and refuse to cooperate with federal law requiring a show of identification.

Like Fisher, he also plans to get arrested. And he said he "has no idea" what the federal consequences will be.

"No one really knows what the rules are in that world," said Kanning, an accountant who moved from Wyoming to participate in the New Hampshire-based Free State Project.

The FSP has a goal of luring 20,000 libertarian-minded people to the Granite State to fight government laws and regulations, while creating a Free State state.

At last count, the FSP population count was reportedly 6,000.

Kanning’s plan calls for buying a plane ticket to Philadelphia, with a goal of visiting Independence Hall, but without ever showing identification to TSA authorities. His inspirations, he said, are Ghandi and Fisher.

Fisher was arrested April 9 for staging a public manicure, without the required state license, in front of the Manchester office of the state Board of Barbering, Cosmetology and Esthetics, the board that governs nail salons. His act of civil disobedience, disguised as a manicure, was conducted to protect what he believes is over-regulation by government on citizens and small businesses.

Fisher was arrested and spent the night in jail.

The person whose nails he filed is Kanning’s wife.

"Hopefully there will be a pile of people up there," said Kanning. "We’re hoping other people will follow and do similar things so they don’t remember who started it all."

Wooo-hooo! Now let's see the other news outlets pick up and try to out-do this article!



--- Quote ---"We’re hoping other people will follow and do similar things so they don’t remember who started it all."
--- End quote ---


BTW, I think tying this protest with passage of the RealID is a good idea.  I can't imagine a large number of people will be happy to know there's a new national visa/passport card on the way.

There should be a lot more coverage as the event approaches!


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