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Author Topic: An Alaskan for Alaska  (Read 2967 times)

dave belzak

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An Alaskan for Alaska
« on: July 08, 2003, 05:53:40 pm »

What more appropriate activity this 4th of July weekend, than to make my first contribution to the FSP state discussion.  I have been following the FSP quite closely for about a year now.  I am a 40+ year resident of Alaska and have lived in Idaho, Wyoming and Vermont.  I view the FSP as a high and noble mission and would love to see it succeed.  And it is because of this and nothing else that I make the following comments.
Alaska is the best state for FSP success:

#1 - What really matters?  10 to 30 years from now, after having quit your job, packed up all you gear and moved to a new state.  Settled in and found a new job, new friends and new activities.  Donating countless hours involved in politics, letters to the editor, handing our leaflets and political conversations.  Donated time and money towards the support of political candidates.   After all of this are you really going to give a damm  that it’s 5-10 degrees colder outside than in some other state?  What is more important in the lives of those you love, that they live in the freest state in the world or the temperature?  What’s going to give your life meaning and purpose?  Freedom and liberty creates jobs and wealth.  Freedom and liberty engenders a moral responsible civil society.   Freedom and liberty is job one.

#2 - Politics:  Read Mr. Layne’s ‘North to the Future’ discussion about the Alaskan Independence Party.  Combined with Alaskan Libertarians they represent 5.4% of registered voters, far higher than any other state.  With a controlling Republican party that brags of it’s libertarian leanings, second smallest population of registered voters (462,000), low voter turnout, youthful age of the voters and their openness to new ideas, and the fact that 62% of the people in the state came from ‘outside’ which kind of makes it hard for them to label the FSP as “outside invaders”.  What other state offers the FSP a better political landscape?  Where else can 20,000 FreeStaters yield more political power?
Alaska rightfully gets some negatives on the spreadsheets for having too much state government, too many government employees and NEA members.  The reason Alaska’s state spending is so high is because it’s free.  Hundreds of billions of dollars of oil money flowing from the state’s land results in a much bigger state budget.  The people’s willingness to tolerate government services is much higher when it’s free than when they have to pay for them.  It’s not fair to use Alaska’s budget without figuring out how big the other state’s budgets would be if it’s services were free to their taxpayers.  A few years after the oil started flowing Alaska’s state budget more than doubled.  Don’t confuse Alaska’s unique financial situation with the political philosophy of it’s people.  Once again I encourage you to read Mr. Layne’s ‘North to the Future’ state report and read the AIP platform - Appendix A.  This is a very representative of Alaskan political philosophy.

#3 - Alaska is rich:  $25billion in the Permanent Fund, almost $2billion Constitutional Reserve Fund, and several smaller funds add up to over $28billion is savings or roughly $44,000 per capita.  No other state comes close.  Additionally the State of Alaska owns over 105million acres of land or roughly 167 acres per person.  Plus Alaska is the lowest tax state even before you factor in the $1-2,000 check that the state gives to every state resident each year.  Every year in the legislator that are high level serious debates between those who advocate giving the states wealth to the people were it will do the most good and the statist who want to hold on to it.  The only thing preventing Alaska from becoming an economic powerhouse is politics.

#4 - Technology negates climate and distance.  25 years ago my brothers and I made a winter sport of trying to get the family station wagon up the 6 blocks of snow covered streets to our house.  Today the grandmother across the street barely spins the tires on her 4-wheel drive Subaru.  25 years ago when I ordered something from ‘lower 48’, I waited 2 weeks for it to arrive, today its 2 days or less.  25 years ago long distance phone were iffy, poor quality and expensive. Today I can use the internet for free voice calls anywhere and expect to have quality voice and video within 5 years.  How many people wanted to live in the southwest before air conditioning?  My point is this: the climate and distance negatives of Alaska will be less and less of a negative with each passing year as technology enables.  Please factor this into your decision and onto the state spreadsheet.

I have engaged is a little Alaska boosterism.  The main issue to be considered is ‘Freedom in our Lifetime’ is job one.  Put it front and center and honestly ask yourself which state is the best prospect.  Consider all the time, effort and money we are committing to this cause.  Consider the forces against us, and ask yourself if we can really afford to choose any state but the best prospect.


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Re:An Alaskan for Alaska
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2003, 07:43:36 pm »

BTW, a cursory real estate search yielded the place below, which has a stunning indoor pool!   How close is this Eagle Lake place to town?

Listing:  3104299
Price: $220,000.00
Area:   Ft. Rich - S Birchwood Lp  
Location:  Eagle River

Beds: 4
Baths: 2.00
Garage: 2
Sq. Ft.: 2776
Lot Size: 10,824.00
Acreage:  0.25  
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Re:An Alaskan for Alaska
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2003, 07:53:17 pm »

BTW, a cursory real estate search yielded the place below, which has a stunning indoor pool!   How close is this Eagle Lake place to town?

I hope that's the deep end of the pool under the balcony.  ;D   Cannonnballll !!

Racer X
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