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Author Topic: HATE filled zombies in Idaho, and LOVE filled vampires  (Read 3511 times)


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HATE filled zombies in Idaho, and LOVE filled vampires
« on: May 18, 2003, 05:01:43 am »


Cross-posting from our "unoffical" sister (or is it brother).

I'm getting damned tired of folks buying the media lie that
Idaho is filled with hate filled zombies.

Now, Buck Fush is our President, but ya can't hold that against us,

You folks are holding out against Idaho 'cause a real old fart moved here to start a "christian identity", nazi group.  Well, It failed, in bigtime, in flames (all twenty of them, except when the Nazis came here from New Hampshire, and elsewhere, for one week in the summer, to visit!!!).

And then there was that retired green beret general who bought
property in North Idaho, intending to subdivide and sell property to
nuttsos like him.  He went bottom-up, after making the headlines you read.

So, lemmie tell ya: Those folks, and Randy Weaver, did their research.

Sicckos they were, they moved, by the literal handfulls, to get as far away from the gummit as they could.

So, folks, benefit from the research, sicckos that they were.
Or maybe you're sicckos to, eh, out to give Idaho a bad name again?

I ain't fair, folks.  Idaho has been smeared by a handfull of sicckos,

I've lots more to say on the subject.  Back to Ya, if you're interested.

libertarian larry



--- In, athiker1 <athiker1@o...> wrote:
> Idaho is run by hate-filled zombies?

heyya, athiker1,

It's pure BS!  There are no damned zombies here, hate filled or

Now, note the time I'm writing.   There ain't  *any* zombies here.
On the otherhand, there's at least one "love-filled" vampire.

Now, if you are a hiker, as you moniker indicates, Idaho has the
largest designated wilderness area on the planet.

I figure that's a damn good thing for a hiker, concerned with
brain dead gummit zombies, and their gummit vampire buddies, to  keep in mind.

If you're not a fan of tobacco, or smog, well, Idaho is the place for
you.  Tested by the gummit, if you can trust those Zombies
and Vampires - the "Craters of the Moon" (national <puke>
monument)  has this claim to fame:  IT'S BEEN TESTED IN THE TOP-TEN OF CLEAN, PRISTINE AIR ON EARTH!!  There's even
a monument to that.

Good thing for a hiker, eh?

I've already replied seriously, but I'll  write back soon with a
'serious' that's easier to recognize.

libertarian larry
My pledge: Under no nation; under no Gawd.


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Re:HATE filled zombies in Idaho, and LOVE filled vampires
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2003, 09:38:16 pm »

I doubt anyone here believes the lies about Idaho.  The only thing that concerns me about ID is the relatively large population.

Why did you find it necessary to call Randy Weaver a "sicco"?  He was a white separatist, but he didn't harm anyone.  He has the right to think however he wants to, and so long as he doesn't harm or advocate harming anyone who doesn't deserve it we should treat him with courtesy.  Two of his family members were murdered by the same swine we're trying to not have as much to do with.  


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Re:HATE filled zombies in Idaho, and LOVE filled vampires
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2003, 12:29:31 am »


You're right.  I did smear Weaver by lumping him in with the Christian Identity Nazis.

Weaver had a political right to be a white separatist.  In his case it
was the FBI who were the true sickos.   Still, I figure there is something a little bonkers about a person who wants to associate only with other humans who share his skin color.

If there are any non-white libertarians in the FSP Project, and I truly hope that there are, I would like them to know that Weaver was an
isolated anomaly from which nothing about Idaho can be concluded
at all, other than, as I pointed out, he, and the two other groups I
mentioned, had as their goal to get as far away from government as

Idaho's population?  I agree, that *appears* to be a negative consideration.   I've written about the mitigating factors elsewhere.
Since the question has come up here, I'll copy this thread with one of
those communications, soon.

My pledge: Under no nation; under no Gawd.

Kelton Baker

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Idaho and that retired green beret general
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2003, 09:10:20 am »


And then there was that retired green beret general who bought property in North Idaho, intending to subdivide and sell property to nuttsos like him.  He went bottom-up, after making the headlines you read.


Speaking of hate, I really HATE to dredge-up a thread with a title like this, but I just *had* to comment about this statement here, being as how I had an introduction to a few libertarian principles, through the campaign literature of this "retired green beret general".

Colonel James "Bo" Gritz has been much misaligned in the media, as far-right wackos--oops, I mean small-government proponents tend to be.

James Gritz (pronounced gr-eye-ts) was a four-star general who ran for president in 1992 on the Populist/America First Party.  I know, I voted for the man at the tender age of 18.  It was the first time I ever heard of any third-party candidate outside of a history class.  I attended a rally in Southern Utah where his political platform was presented and a book by a pro-Constitution author was being sold.

According to D.C.'s Political Report,  he was on the ballot in 15 states, including FSP candidate states of AK,ID,WY,MT  but it was in Utah (with 3.84% of the vote) and Idaho (with 2.13% of the vote) where he had most of his support.
He advanced such radical ideas as:
 -The abolishment of the Federal Reserve
 -Eliminating all federal welfare/ social programs
 -The unilateral withdrawal of the U.S. from the UN
 -Full meaning and significance to the 2nd Ammendment
 -Full withdrawal of U.S. troops from interventionist campaigns around the world.

Gritz was called a racist because of his political views, such as supporting tighter immigration controls.  He was not a racist, however; nothing was further from the truth, he adopted orphan children from Southeast Asia, and worked with a black community in Wisconsin.  The idea that he was a racist was cemented in the public perception when he worked as a negotiator in the Randy Weaver clan stand-off, since he was highly respected among them.

Gritz did, in fact try to start a community full of survivalist/ militia types.  Yes, he did choose Idaho because he felt it had the most friends and allies to his cause, and because Idaho is an ideal sort of place for all sorts of people.  
Which brings us to the next point, Idaho's reputation for being a hot-spot for survivalist/ militia types.  From what I know of the sort pertaining to Gritz and his followers, their only anti-government designs are of the Claire Wolfe ideology.., i.e., 'its not yet time to start shooting the b***rds'.

Earlier in this whole 'which state' discussion, it was said that Idaho does not have any arms manufacturing plant.  That might be true, if one ignores a certain factory that produces arms that require federal registration-- you know those kind, and yes, they have quite a few sales in the region.

So, is Idaho our kind of state because Idaho is such a hot-spot for these types?  hmm... like Larry states above, it is more a reputation than any substantive evidence that Idaho is any sort of hot-spot, but undoubtedly, you will eventually meet a survivalist/ militia type in Idaho, and chances are good that as a FSP participant, you will have much in common.

But a note to proclaimed atheists, be discreet about advertising your atheism among them, many people of the extreme paleo-conservative persuasion have a hard time understanding that all atheists are not communists.
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Re:HATE filled zombies in Idaho, and LOVE filled vampires
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2003, 07:58:11 pm »

  I visit Idaho every month - very nice state - without causing to much trouble I think it rates a nine on the scale, I would give WY only a 8.
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