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Author Topic: Which state's people most want the FSP'ers to come?  (Read 2859 times)


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Which state's people most want the FSP'ers to come?
« on: March 20, 2003, 01:31:14 pm »

Chambers of Commerce
Economic Developent Organizations
Planning and Zoning Commissions
Town, City, and Regional Newspapers
City, Town, and County Governments
State Governments
The various political parties

Like a plumb industry or corporation bringing investment and jobs the FSP members need to be so attractive to one or more of the candidate states that at least one of the states bends over backwards to recruit the FSP members. The FSP must sell itself to each candidate state.

If the FSP does not believe that its members would be so welcome, then the FSP proponents of each state have more work cut out for them in selling their favorite state to the members. If a state's Chambers of Commerce and/or major government entities actively recruited the FSP, it certainly would make that state much more likely to win the FSP vote.

See Dada's thread on
Contacting Chambers of Commerce in the FS  (but it should also be done before the FSP vote);action=display;threadid=758


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Re:Which state's people most want the FSP'ers to come?
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2003, 09:49:57 pm »

I'll add my sour note that these are either all government entities or pseudo-government entities, so we surely should not base our move on what they say. You might instead want to ask state chapters of various groups like National Federation of Independent Businesses (not sure of that title, it's "NFIB" anyway). These may have a better connection to their membership than government groups.

Generally I'm very doubtful of the notion of asking if we're welcome. First, how could you ever get a representative sample? Second, we are moving to specifically reduce the influence of a lot of these groups, so who among them are going to want us? We are going to pick one of their states whether they like it or not. We expect to receive some flack. We will live with it or work around it.


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Re:Which state's people most want the FSP'ers to come?
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2003, 02:03:01 pm »

So why don't you want to find out ahead of time if the Free Staters and their libertarian agenda is welcome?
It's not that I don't want to find out. It's that I don't think that information is (reliably) available - not without spending a lot of money anyway (like doing a survey of the general population with the world's smallest political quiz, as Advocates for Self-Government did with 800-some people a while back).

I'm sure various ambushes will be set for us. We will just have to be ready for them.

We are going to pick one of their states whether they like it or not. We expect to receive some flack. We will live with it or work around it.
Really?  And you thus expect to win majorities in elections or get your people appointed to offices, or even just get signatures on your petitions?

Yes, because I don't base our future success on what some feeders-at-the-trough and members of the rulling class think of us. I think there are other ways of reaching people.

I'm not questioning the whole idea, just your choice of who to ask. And how reliable the information is, even if you do ask it. Let's go down your list:

1) Chambers of Commerce

A mixed bag. My impression is that our business constituency will be among the busnessmen who are too busy with their work to spend time playing politics like a lot of Chamber members do. These Chamber members may well be a lot of statists.

2) Economic Developent Organizations

If you mean private ones, OK, sure. That's a good one. The government versions are worse than a waste of time.

3) Planning and Zoning Commissions

Our enemies. They will be working against us no matter what state you look at.

4) Town, City, and Regional Newspapers

Another mixed bag. I got the feeling the Wyoming papers are not too bad, and they have a "print (almost) everything" policy as far as letters to the editor are concerned, I think. The Idaho Statesman looks pretty statist, and anything back east has to be worse. Most of these papers, especially the larger ones, will be working against us, no matter how much we try to suck up to them. So we shouldn't even try. We'll just give them our version of what we are trying to do, without trying to please them or molify them (I've seen a lot of half-way decent politicians get ruined trying to become acceptable to the media).

5) City, Town, and County Governments

Are you kidding, Joe?  ::)

6) State Governments

Kidding some more, Joe?  :P

7) Fraternal organizations

Yes, we should work with these. And we would be wise to join them too, in fact we can exercise a lot of influence through them if we beef them up with membership. But even so, can you imagine going in and asking a few hoary old board members of these groups to make a pronouncement on FSP? After they've heard some rumor we're going to legalize marijuana? What's that going to accomplish?

8 The various political parties
More joking.   ::)  Maybe we ought to ask them, just to get the question out there, sort of a pro-forma thing (is that the term?)  But, pay attention to the answer? I don't think so.

Bottom line, asking is a waste of time. We should ask the spreadsheet, that's what I think. Even the answers we get from that should be taken with a grain of salt, but it is head and shoulders over what we'd get from asking a few people here and there.
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