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Author Topic: LPNH Endorses Free State Project  (Read 2372 times)


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LPNH Endorses Free State Project
« on: January 17, 2003, 07:17:20 pm »


Libertarian Party of New Hampshire
PO Box 5293
Manchester, NH 03108

LPNH Endorses Free State Project

Concord - 17-Jan-2003 - At the January meeting of the Libertarian Party of
New Hampshire's executive board, the party officially endorsed the Free
State Project ( by unanimous vote.

The Free State Project is a rapidly growing movement that seeks to gain
commitment from 20,000 people who pledge to move to a single,
low-population state and work to peacefully institute political reforms
there. FSP members will integrate into existing communities and work
together with longtime residents to hold politicians accountable and to
make government smaller and more responsive. Currently, the FSP has over
2,400 signed-on participants. New Hampshire is among the ten states being
considered as the FSP target state.

Many LPNH members, as well as executive board members, have signed on as
members of the FSP. In addition, the LPNH has formed the "Welcome to the
Granite State" Committee to coordinate efforts promoting New Hampshire as
the most desirable Free State candidate. This committee will work with
other activists and FSP members to attract people seeking liberty and the
spirit of independence that are so well represented in the Granite State.

The Free State Project membership includes a number of New Hampshire
residents who have signed on, in addition to a core group of nationwide
members convinced that New Hampshire is the best choice for success of the
FSP's goals. The attraction of New Hampshire often cited by FSP members is
the respect by our residents for the ideals of individual liberty and
small, decentralized government. New Hampshire has one of the lowest rates
of state and local taxation in the country, one of the most efficient
state budgets and is one of the states most respectful of its residents'
civil liberties. New Hampshire residents may find themselves a group of
political friends and allies in the Free State Project members, all of
whom recognize the virtues of self-reliance, individual freedom and small
state government, and will seek to further improve upon and enhance New
Hampshire's standing as the liberty-leader among the fifty states.

For more information on the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, the Free
State Project, and projects of the Welcome to the Granite State Committee,
please visit


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