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Author Topic: New York DoE: Math Prep Manual Sent to "Forth" Grade Teachers  (Read 2335 times)


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March 26, 2005 --  A flabbergasted Mayor Bloomberg yesterday said he could hardly believe it when he learned that city educrats produced math test-prep manuals that were rife with errors.

"Every day you wake up in my job and you say, 'They did what?' " Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show on WABC-AM, which he conducted by phone from his Bermuda vacation home.

The Department of Education recalled the botched preparation booklets within hours of sending them out via e-mail to superintendents and math coaches on Wednesday night.

But not before teachers, testing advocates and education watchdogs made political hay of the manuals, which were riddled with simple arithmetic errors, spelling mistakes, sloppy diagrams and grammatical gaffes.

The department said that a fact checker did not tell supervisors she was dispatching the manuals and that she has been reprimanded with a letter in her file.

"There are times when I'm halfway downtown on the subway after reading a few of the stories and I think maybe I should just get off at the next station, cross the platform and go back uptown," a laughing Bloomberg told the show's host, John Gambling.

Perhaps the most embarrassing error is on the cover of the booklet for the fourth grade — it says "forth grade."

An algebraic equation in the booklet for seventh-grade teachers also uses variables to ask, in essence, what 15+10 equals — but gives the correct answer as 24. In fact, 25 is not even among the four multiple-choice answers.

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