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Author Topic: Tech Report thread about us  (Read 1972 times)


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Tech Report thread about us
« on: November 08, 2002, 01:02:50 am »

Here's a forum about us that's going on and interesting to watch:  

Here also is a message I've just posted there which might give some of you ideas on responding to the usual criticisms.

Thresher wrote:

 <<In theory, libertarianism SHOULD work, just like Communism SHOULD work. >>

Hi Thresher!

With regard to your assertation that libertariasm is just a pretty theory, you are correct when you say that real world results -  not theories - are what count.  That's why I recommend taking a look at the places that have already implemented libertarian policies.  

Holland has a successful, if partial, "socially libertarian" system up and runing (in terms of drug and prostitution policy).  Crime rates are very low there.  I've been through Amsterdam's red light district...saw a lot to raise eyebrows but not much to scare me.  Try walking through a red light district in socially restricted Houston and see if you don't feel scared!  Unfortunately Holland lacks much economic freedom.  For that you have to go elsewhere.

Hong Kong had a libertarian economic setup until the1990s when China took over (to some extent it's still intact).  Singapore also has such a system, I believe.   Both of these little city-states are wildly successful economically.  

Regarding libertarian gun policy:  In Switzerland, there is an assualt rifle in almost every home (yet very little crime).  Vermont has the most libertarian handgun laws in the U.S. - and one of the lowest crime rates in the nation.  

Libertarianism, whether social, economic or gun-related, has already proven itself in the real world.  So has the concept of political/economic relocation:  

1) Immigration for the purpose of attaining more freedom gave birth - and gives birth still - to the United States itself.  

2) Such immigration also gave birth to Hong Kong, West Berlin, and other legendary success stories.

3) An immigration of about 20,000 left-leaning Americans to Vermont in the 70s successfully transformed that state from conservative to semi-socialst.   This hasn't done much for the Vermont economy, of course, but it proves the validity of the immigration model.

<<Libertarianism ignores the basic human failing that some people will lie, cheat, and steal to accumulate wealth. >>

I think you may be confusing libertarianism with market anarchism.  Cheating and stealing are serious crimes in any libertarian system and could be more vigorously prosecuted by its government, since the State is not bogged down chasing potheads, enforcing incomprehensible tax codes, etc.

Let me inject, if I may, some clarity regarding what each side of this debate is saying.  My side says individuals should be less controlled by the State than they currently are.  The other says individuals need to be more controlled by it (or that the current level of control is fine). Those of us who favor fewer controls are outnumbered on this forum by about 6 to 1.

Am I the only one who sees a problem in that?  Am I the only one who sees in it the very reasons why a free state movement is needed?

- Dada Orwell
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