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Author Topic: Request for Montana Residents Please  (Read 3113 times)


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Request for Montana Residents Please
« on: October 23, 2002, 08:18:31 pm »


I know we have some current residents of Montana viewing these pages.  I would appreciate it if you would take a moment and provide some information for me.

1) In your local area of Montana what is the cost range to rent a 2 bedroom apartment?  I realize it could be quite a wide range, and I don't need any exact research, just from what you see in the paper, signs, etc.  If there are no apartments locally, what about a small house?

2) What area (that I could find on a state sized map) do you consider "your local area of Montana".  I don't want your exact address or any other identifying info just roughly where in the state (closest city, something like that).

I do realize that this information could probably be found through various apartment hunter sites, etc. but I've determined those to be largely inaccurate, kind of like sticker prices at car dealers or the prices they advertise on tv.

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Re:Request for Montana Residents Please
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2002, 05:52:51 pm »

Hi Reaper!  I am a resident of Butte.  It is in south west Montana.  Pretty easy to find on a map.

I rent a PERFECT house on the northern edge of town (in what is called Walkerville but is really just a little more of Butte  ;)  )  It is 2 bedrooms inside and one outside - out behind my house is a little "hut" that was a garage, back when Model T's were what folks drove.  I use it as a guest room/hobby room/library.  I have a 2 car garage and a carport.  The house sits on 7 city lots and I have only one neighbor close to me.  I pay $475 a month.  We are still "in town" but it has an outside of town feel to it.

An average 2 bedroom apartment can fall anywhere between 250-500 a month.  I have lived in several apartments here and have found real decent ones in the 350 range.  By decent I mean appliances, neighborhood, carpeting, washer/dryer, clean etc.

It is kinda weird here in Butte.  We have the 100 year old buildings and houses in "uptown" and the newer buildings down on the "flats".  I prefer the older buildings, they have more character.  A lot of what is out on the flats are typical suburban neighborhoods where all the houses have the same floor plans and all look the same.  I grew up in houses like that and they don't hold much appeal for me.  The apartments Uptown are cheaper because the Flats places are newer.

Helena is comparable to us in cost of living and rental prices.  Bozeman and Missoula are higher - big college towns and Missoula is more - not trying to offend anyone - "yuppie" in citizenship.  Missoula, Kalispell and those areas are the REALLY pretty parts, so attracts a more wealthy group on average.  Billings is the most populated town but I don't know what prices are like over there.  I imagine higher because of a better economy.

Here are some Butte sites if you wanna check us out  8) - this one is      the realty page - it may help you with your question more. - this is our WEB CAM!  :D
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